This year’s Santa Claus had an Aussie accent.  I guess the big guy has helpers all over the world.  He asked Blake what he would like for Christmas and Blake asked him what other kids had asked for.  Santa told him that kids had asked for lots of different toys and Blake told him one of those would be fine. A few people have asked, but I have no idea what Blake wants for Christmas.B&S B&S2

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Turkey Trot

Our students in Gr 3-5 run the Turkey Trot each November.  It’s a short cross country run for fun and fitness.  This year our Gr 1 & 2s ran one in their own classes.  Blake ran a super, if unconventional, race.

Here’s their start.  He’s on the far right.
IMG_3961 If you look a little closer you can see he’s holding Zoe’s hand.IMG_3962And that’s how they ran the whole race…

IMG_3958So did Lucas and Haohan, the boys you can see if front of Blake and Zoe.  It’s a friendly class.

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Christmas is Coming!!

Look what arrived in the mail from Grandma!

It’s a lego advent calendar!  We’ll begin next Tuesday and countdown til the day we leave for Christmas, which is exactly one month today.  Woo hoo!adventBlake looks really sad in this picture.  Poor wee thing has a pounding headache and a raging fever.

He’s much better now.  In fact he was 100% better the next morning, but our school policy is 24 hours fever free before returning to school, so he had a super fun day off. He taught Ling Ling to play Uno.

Check out his blog entries on Brenda’s blog

He sings Old MacDonald had a farm.  Cutie!


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Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is a Shanghai charity that provides a bag of warm clothes and goodies for kids in less fortunate areas of the city to be distributed around Chinese New Year. Our school raised 85,000 rmb (around 15,000 USD) for the Giving Tree. Yesterday afternoon these cuties helped pack 480 bags full of sweaters, toys, school supplies, and handwritten cards for grade one and two students in migrant schools around the area.IMG_0863IMG_0860They’re all wearing blue because yesterday was also Dia-beat it day when we all wear blue to raise money and awareness for T1 diabetes.

Pretty special little community we’ve got here.

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SLC – Student Led Conference

It’s Student Led Conference Time.  Warning:  This is kind of a braggy post.  Feel free to stop reading if you don’t want to hear me gush.  Because I am about to gush…big time.

Blake’s teacher is in America so we met with her last Monday.  She spoke of areas where Blake glows and areas where Blake can grow.

It was super to hear about all of Blake’s strengths.  The list was long and wonderful.  Scott and I were the ones glowing….with pride.  We are in almost daily contact with Blake’s teachers so there was not one thing we were hearing for the first time, but man, sitting in a room, with Blake, hearing about how awesome he is, well there’s nothing better.

She also talked about things to work on.  For Blake it was one thing.  Talking.  Particularly talking in an inside voice. I am a teacher.  We are both teachers.  We both know how annoying a noisy chatterbox can be, but when you look at Blake’s history as a very slow to speak, non-talker, to hear that loud talking is a problem, well…., we listened politely, but on the inside we were cheering our heads off.  Way to go Blake William – You keep on talking as much as you want to!

This morning we visited his specialists.  There was much fun to be had in the music room.  Blake LOVES music class.  I don’t know if he has any affinity for it, or whether he just has an incredible teacher, who really knows how to make learning fun. It’s probably the second option, but it doesn’t matter, he absolutely adores music class. 
IMG_3709 IMG_3730 And then we headed to PE where he showed us his mad skills in tumbling and Parkhour. PE is another area where he is sooooooo happy.  No big surprise there, but we are so very pleased.IMG_3752

In the matroom, Blake told me, he is working on the bar roll.  Looks pretty great to me.

bar roll

This is Mr Chavez, Blake’s art teacher.  Then we walked around the halls and found some of Blake’s artwork on the walls.  A cool elephant, a Kandinski circle picture and a Mondrian geometric painting.IMG_3798 We popped into Chinese, but sadly no one was there.  We love Gao Lao Shi so we wrote her a little thank you note on the board.  We should have written xie xie.


In each room teachers told us that Blake was doing fine academically.  Very good to know.  Then they told us some other things. In every single room we were told how happy he is, how enthusiastic he is, how kind he is, how quick to laugh and smile he is, how friendly he is, how polite he is.  Academics are important, I know that, but that other stuff, it’s more important.  We are so incredibly proud of our little man.  He is such a treasure.

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Halloween @ SAS

We woke on a very rainy Halloween morning.

Mario, Luigi and I got dressed and made our way to work. Blake had a Halloween party with his grade level.  We had a whole school parade.  It was a great day.

The rain has mostly cleared and soon it is time to get ready for trick or treating.

Happy Halloween!

IMG_3316IMG_3411 IMG_3551 IMG_3619 IMG_4478

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Halloween Preview

5 sleeps til trick or treating.

Allow me to introduce you to Mario and Luigi.



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APAC Opening Ceremonies

APAC has come and gone in a whirlwind and I forgot to post these photos.

As a school we welcome all the new teams. A few kids from each grade level were chosen to carry signs in front of each of the visiting rugby teams. It was very sweet. The host teams walk onto the track last. One lucky little man got to walk with the Pudong rugby girls and their coach.

IMG_3003 IMG_3006

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APAC Champs!

SAS Pudong hosted the APAC Rugby Championships this weekend. It was glorious! Warm, clean air, blue skies….amazing. Our Pudong Eagles played strong all week and made it to the championship game against the ISB Dragons.

Our girls dominated.  You can only see one half of the scoreboard in this picture, but our side says 19.  We slayed the Dragon.

Scotty and Dave run out to meet the girls after the last whistle.  Big, happy smiles all round.

IMG_3173 - Version 2 The girls do one last amazing cheer for the fans.IMG_3201 Then they smother Scott and Dave in a massive hug.IMG_3207 We’re number one!IMG_3212Great group of girls, great coaches, great game, great sport, great week!

We’re so proud of you Scotty!

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Slack Line

IMG_3079 IMG_3084

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