Blake and I arrived in Vancouver yesterday after a slight hiccup in Shanghai – our first flight was cancelled. But we made it safe and sound and John and Peg picked us up at the airport. 3 hours later Scott arrived from Seattle.

Our first Canadian dinner was Swiss Chalet, my favourite.

Day two in Vancouver we went to Wild Play. It was AWESOME!! We all loved it, though truth be told it scared the heck out of me.

Here are a zillion pictures from our morning.

Scott and Blake at Peg’s place.

van01 Arriving at Wild Playvan02 Everything is so green!van03 Time to get your gear on.van21van04Scott, Blake and Uncle John are ready to go!van05 van06 van07 van08 van09 van10 van11 van12 van13
van15 van16 van17 van18 van19 van20

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Blake @ School

I was in Blake’s class this morning during writing time.  The kids were sharing their ideas for writing How-To books or Teaching books.  One boy said he was going to write about taking care of cats, one girl said she was going to write about making hot chocolate and Blake said he was going to write about how to have a symbiotic relationship. He’s quirky all right.  I love him to bits.

Here’s a geometry video he made today.

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Better Late Than Never…

Our Vietnam trip!

We arrived at Cassia Cottage in Phu Quoc early, early in the morning.IMG_6647

And hit the pool.

IMG_6793IMG_1605Next day we went for a long walk on the beach.

IMG_6738 IMG_6734It was jellyfish season! We saw lots of these guys…


Which sent us back to the pool because we did not feel like risking the jellies.IMG_6767

IMG_1833One day we went to the VinPearl Water Park. It was huge and it was practically empty!


Occasionally we brought out the Go Pro.

IMG_1709Spent an awesome day on the boat.

IMG_6885 The snorkelling wasn’t great, but it was fun to be in the sea.IMG_1815 IMG_1810We fished!
IMG_6952 IMG_6949 IMG_6927But didn’t catch a darn thing.

The sound track of this particular trip was Minecraft music and the bounce, bounce, bounce of near constant dribbling by Blake.

It was Tet while we were there, so there were lots of celebrations!IMG_6803We spent our evenings on the beach watching the sun set.IMG_1763IMG_1716IMG_1760



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Crazy for HP!

So we have been reading a lot of Harry Potter lately. A lot!

This evening Blake and I were playing Bananagrams and I was excited, but not really surprised to see some Potter words in his mix.


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Water Park

A brilliant day at the Phu Quoc Water Park exceeded everyone’s expectations, but man are we fried!

IMG_1703 IMG_1694 IMG_1682 IMG_1677 IMG_1665 IMG_1648 IMG_1639 IMG_1632 IMG_1622

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Happy Birthday to Scott

Happy Birthday to Scott!  We had a three day birthday extravaganza!

This past Wednesday was Scooter’s b-day.  We had our lovely Links Crew over for some delicious Thai food.

Thursday the girls on his softball team had a little surprise waiting for him.

Back when Blake was still in onesies our cousin Gaye gave us these awesome toques.


They might look a little goofy to you, but they are the warmest hat I’ve ever worn. I suggest you go to right now and check them out. Scott is coaching softball in February and he needs all the warm he can get, so he wears his to most practices. I told his softball girls about his birthday and they cooked up a plan.


They each attached socks to an SAS beanie in Scott’s honour and they made that amazing Sock Monkey cake. Such cool kids!

On Friday we had an Elementary function at Mr X. It’s a puzzle house! You get locked into a room with a group of people and have an hour to get out. There are different themes and lots of clues and LOTS of red herrings. I was in a high tech room called Area 51 and Scott was in a room that was made up of jail cells.  We had 6 different groups from our school and only one was successful in getting out of their room in time.  Scott’s, of course. He is so stinking good at puzzles like that!

Here are the winners.

Rae Ah, Scotty, Giselle, Ruby, Mike, Kev and Dana. Dana was Blake’s pre K Chinese teacher!IMG_1033I think the signs say “Winner, winner, chicken dinner” in Chinese.

Afterwards I arranged for us all to go to Bubba’s Texas BBQ joint in Shanghai and to meet up with our MS and HS friends.  The second part was meant to be a surprise for Scott, but some turkey from school blew it!  And then Scott messed with me saying he wanted to go somewhere else and I crumbled under the pressure of keeping a secret and told him all about it. It was still fun.  Loads of good friends and good food a just a few drinks too many = a very fun birthday almost surprise for Scott!

Here’s one more picture of baby Blake in his toque, because …. so adorable!


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Xin Nian Kuai Le – Happy New Year!

Many of Blake’s classmates dressed in Chinese costumes for our Chinese New Year Celebration. Don’t they look fabulous!?IMG_6476 There were lots of fun activities to try. He had a nice long go with the Chinese Yo-Yo. He also made dumplings, ate dumplings, played ring toss, ate frozen yogurt, got a tattoo and a bunch more stuff.IMG_6560 Some of the moms dressed up in elaborate costumes.  This is Chandra’s mom as Mulan.IMG_6569 Calligraphy. The character Blake is trying to copy is ai.  It means love.IMG_6573

We love the dragon and lion dances. They are brilliant! Hanging out with the dragon after the show.IMG_6626



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First tooth

20150203-204317.jpg He’s been waiting for a wiggly tooth for a long time and this evening it finally dropped out. There was some excited dancing and a few tears.

I remember the day he got his first tooth. He keeps getting bigger and bigger.20150203-204822.jpg

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Birthday Parties 1-5

It’s been a fun-filled month full of birthday goodness.

Party #1 – in Canada at Grandmas

Party #2 – Cupcakes in class

Party #3 – family pizza dinner with pressies from Mom and Dad

Party #4 – Big class party at the mat room

Party #5 – Links party at the mat room


As I type, the dregs of party #5 is still going on.  About 10 Linkers are still here, snacking on leftovers, playing with everything they can get their hands on.

Blake just burst in to my room shouting, “Mommy, we need some cactuses for the desert room.” Confused? Me too.

It’s been a great month, but we’ve got to wrap it up.  Scott’s b-day is coming soon….


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Spirit Week Continues

Tuesday was Looney Tunes Day.  Mario and Luigi, aka Blake and Scott, made a special reappearance for this day.IMG_6138Wild and Wacky Wednesday was a lot of fun.  I was Nemo, Scott went completely wacky and Blake brought out his wolf ears from Great Wolf Lodge.100th day2Thursday was Sports Day.  Blake sported some Blue Jays gear. Scott and I both wore Ice Blacks jerseys.
IMG_6244 Friday was SAS day.  It was also the 100th day of school.  Big day for our kiddos!100th day1 In this pic, Blake and his buddies are watching Zero the Hero do his presentation.  Zero was our friend Simon, and Blake did an excellent job of not spilling the beans until the very last minute when he couldn’t hold it in any longer and he blurted out Zero’s true identity.

100th day111

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