End of summer vacation wrap up

Summer flies by so quickly.  But every single day is amazing and I am very thankful for all the time we get to spend with family and friends.

Thank you St Marys for giving us another wonderful holiday!

We had a nice family lunch on our last day and I hauled these guys out front for a cousins photo.  We missed Erin and Taylor, but I’ll try to get them at Christmas time.

Last ball game of the year.  What a great season!IMG_1336We had a fire in Grandma and Grandma’s out door fireplace after ball.  Blake lit it himself using the bbq lighter.  That was a first for me.  I’ve never seen it in use.  Larry told me it was built in 1948.  The smores were delicious!IMG_1343 A few sparklers made the night even more fun.  IMG_1356 Blake has a retractable, rotating marshmallow roaster.  Pretty handy for summer nights.IMG_1371
His last day of the St Marys Library program was a visit to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.  He really enjoyed it and the organizer told me he ran the bases like a pro.  My, it was a sunny, squinty sort of day.IMG_1312 Last swimming lessons.  A noodle seahorse race with Erin and teacher Sarah.  So fun!IMG_1315 Last mini golf game – glow in the dark in London.  Waaaaaah!  So many lasts.IMG_1331Just 5 months til Christmas vacation!  Yahoo!!!

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Duck call

Everywhere we went this summer we were serenaded by the not so soothing sounds of a boy imitating a duck.


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Trampoline Fun

These two had an awful lot of fun bouncing on our tramp in the last visit of the summer.

My favourite picture is the second one.  Blake is pretty high up there!IMG_1264 IMG_1269 IMG_1279

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Little Bear

We visited Little Bear with Kirsten, Erin and Kathy!  It was so fun for Blake this year.

The first year we went, five years ago, Blake was much more content to walk Little Bear than ride him.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.29.15 PM
This year he had a good long ride.  Kirsten was kind enough to walk with him, and sometimes gallop with him, for ages!
IMG_1185 IMG_1189
IMG_1103 IMG_1104 IMG_1131 IMG_1158 IMG_1163
IMG_1095 IMG_1096 IMG_1100 IMG_1102Feeling brave, he tried riding backward.

IMG_1168 IMG_1178 IMG_1173It was a very fun morning at Jason and Kathy’s farm!

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A Day at the Zoo

First thing we did was run to the gorilla climb to beat the crowds.  As expected it was AWESOME!  You need to wear closed toed shoes, so next year I am definitely not wearing flip flops!

Blake was wicked brave this year.  He explored the entire second level and went up to the third for a few of the elements.  Way to go buddy!  Scott was also very, very brave.IMG_0917 IMG_0895 IMG_0859 IMG_0857While Blake was up there he pointed and shouted LOOK!  We looked and there was a fully opened peacock.  Cool!

IMG_0991We walked around the Mayan ruins and found this waterfall.

IMG_1009IMG_1010 9.09.09 PM
The zoo has a brilliant water park!
On the way out we met a falcon named Charley.

It was a wonderful day!



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Ali & Dolce Come to Visit

Beautiful Ali and handsome Dolce came for a nice visit today and we had a picnic on the Flats.  Lovely!

I love summer reunions!!!

IMG_0827 aliIMG_0818

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Chatting on third base

A few more baseball pictures…

IMG_0750 IMG_0765So many of our Tuesday ball practice nights have been crap weather and cancelled.  In fact, the first few weeks we were home were called Tornado Tuesdays.  We’ve had a lot of games but almost no practices.  This Tuesday we had a practice – Yay! – so we worked on some skills and then had a little game.


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Little Falls

Annual Little Falls photo shoot!  Lots more water coming over this year!  Quite a bit of rain this summer.IMG_0780 IMG_07812013




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Monkey Bars

Blake has tackled the monkey bars the summer and he has (almost) mastered them.  Nice job, buddy!
IMG_0724 IMG_0726…more Stratford water park / playground pics…

IMG_0710 IMG_0727


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Every day in the pool is a good day!IMG_0590 IMG_0594 IMG_0530 IMG_0539 IMG_0556 IMG_0586

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