Shanghai Disney – Hooray!!

Lucky, lucky us!

Shanghai Disney is scheduled to open in about 2 1/2 weeks, but one of our friend’s husband works there and we managed to score pre-opening trial tickets.

The rains came down and the lines were long as the employees learned their jobs, but the park is beautiful. The details are amazing!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been out in that much rain. It POURED!

Though the weather was horrific, the Disney Castle still looked fan-tas-tic!

dis - 1 And this boy is always happy with a map in his handsdis - 2 dis - 3We found a character named Duffy – though none of us knew who he was. We also saw Cinderella and Donald and Daisy, but no pics.dis - 4We went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride which was fantastic and then Pooh’s honey dis - 3

And then we were done with rides as the lines got to be 1 hr plus. Tron was up to  2 hrs!

We LOVED the Alice in Wonderland Maze and spent a lot of time in there visiting with the Queen of Hearts and Mad dis - 1 sh dis - 2We explored the Marvel Universe, we even saw Captain America…sh dis - 5 …and Thor’s dis - 6After about 4 hours at a very wet and wonderful Disney we had a snack, whizzed around the gift shop and then headed dis - 7 And then he dis - 8

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I tweeted Blake’s Camp Halfblood cake and I tagged Rick Riordan @camphalfblood.

He retweeted our tweet and gazillions of his fans have been liking and retweeting Blake and his awesome cake.

#soexcited #we’refamous #Blakerules #BTE2016 #hiphiphooray

check out


blake - 3

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There are four weeks of Books to Eat at SAS – the first one for teachers, the second for Kinder and Gr 1, this week for Gr 2 & 3, and next week for Gr 4 & 5. Blake really enjoys baking and creating so we put a cake (or 2) in each week.

This was his actual week so he wanted it to be special. He chose his favourite book from his favourite series and we made a Camp Halfblood cake. It was gorgeous.

IMG_1669 IMG_1674

He made a round cake with two layers. He put icing and chocolate chips in the centre. Next he iced the top using chocolate icing.

Together we made orange glass candy using sugar, corn syrup, water and a bit of colouring.

After letting it cool, Blake smashed it with a hammer and using some Pirouette cookies, made a cool fire. We printed out a Welcome to Camp Half Blood sign to complete his creation. It was so amazing!!

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Books to Eat #BTE2016

This week at SAS is Pre-K, Kinder and Grade One’s turn to create Books to Eat. Blake asked the librarian if he could bake for today. Lucky for us, she answered YES! This kid loves to bake. And he loves lego – a perfect combination.

bte - 1


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More house pics

It’s all coming together.

28 days til we see it in person.

IMG_0600 IMG_0601 IMG_0602

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Books to Eat

Blake loves baking and cake decorating, so when our annual Books to Eat competition starts he getting pretty excited.

This Monday was set aside for teacher entries.

I made the Three Musketeers. Blake and Scott made the sheep.

We have big plans for next week.

china alive - 3 china alive - 4

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I popped into Blake’s PE class yesterday and caught him learning to back stroke.

china alive - 2

Always smiling.china alive - 1

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More Pics from China Alive Day

bl - 1 bl - 2 Version 2 bl - 5 bl - 4 bl - 3 IMG_1274 IMG_1271 IMG_1094

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Gumboot Dancers

The Kliptown Gumboot Dancers from South Africa are back in town.

Their mission is to provide opportunities for young people from the community to rise out of poverty.

We always enjoy watching them perform, this time we were lucky to host 2 of the boys at our house.

This was Blake with the dancers (and some peeps) 3 years ago.

IMG_5479 IMG_5480 Here he is now.
IMG_9628 IMG_9644

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China Alive

This week is China Alive week at SAS. Our students play, learn and explore our host culture in fun and interesting ways. Today we had our China Alive Junior Carnival. This will be Blake’s last. Next year he’ll be in upper school. I went back and looked for some pictures of all his carnivals.

There are several outfits to choose from and many hats. Apparently, Blake has a favourite hat.

Grade 2

2016Grade 1


2014Pre K


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