African Lion Safari

We spent a wonderful Father’s Day at African Lion Safari.


My mom’s sister lives near by so we combined a lovely dinner with family & a fun outing for us.

We loved the petting zoo. Blake holds the food out for the goat, but then chickens out at the last second and drops it for the goat to pick up off the floor.IMG_1029 IMG_1022

Blake took a ride on an elephant.  He rode the biggest elephant there.IMG_1040 IMG_1034 IMG_1032 IMG_1038

We saw a baby. The ALS has successfully bred three babies this year and one was out having a good time.


But the absolute highlight was the water park.  It has a fantastic splash pad.  And if there’s one thing Blake loves, it’s a medium sized water slide and no lines.

He hung out in that water park for about an hour and a half and didn’t stop moving once. So much joy!

I think this is my favourite picture. IMG_1079But I have a lot of favourites.  Check these out.

IMG_1082 IMG_1071 IMG_1100 IMG_1070 IMG_1056 IMG_1104 IMG_1083 IMG_1101 IMG_1090 IMG_1095 IMG_1069 IMG_1135 IMG_1148 IMG_1066 IMG_1059At the top of every slide there was a big smile and a thumbs up, then down he went.

IMG_1061We finished with some swinging in the playground.






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First Game of our Season

Our first game this season happened at Teddy’s Field on Minor Ball Day in St Marys. It was fun and amazing. Our numbers were low so all the kids got so many chances to hit and run and field.  FANTASTIC!IMG_1006 IMG_1003 IMG_0976 IMG_0979

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A Day at Grand Bend

We had a brilliant day at Grand Bend.

Can you spot the two cuties on the playground?IMG_0867It was a windy day.  IMG_0876 IMG_0877 IMG_0872 IMG_0871
IMG_0920Love these two.


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First Day of Ball

Smacked it.

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A couple of early morning amazing rides. There are some steep hills in St Marys. We use team work to get down those. Then we can enjoy the trail.IMG_0854 IMG_0859

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Baseball Hall of Fame threw a party just for us!

To celebrate our first day back in St Marys the Baseball Hall of Fame had it’s Induction Ceremony and put on one heck of special day.


There were 4 awesome bouncy castles.IMG_0750 Balloon artists…IMG_0781 Batting cages…IMG_0773 Fielding practice…IMG_0763
There was a hot air balloon at the Flats.IMG_0794
Ace the Blue Jays Mascot was there.IMG_0785 copy IMG_0753 IMG_0745 IMG_0748 IMG_0788 And on the way home we found some wishes. Boy are we going to have a great summer!IMG_0796IMG_0797

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Summer Sizzler

Blake and his fifth grade leader/buddy Cormac.IMG_0114Playing with bubbles.IMG_0088
IMG_0163 Loving the tug of war.IMG_0206IMG_9797 Obstacle course.IMG_9800IMG_9839 Getting ready to race.IMG_9844IMG_9852 Sack races.

IMG_9982Scotty joins in the fun.

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Jill and the Beanstalk

IMG_7300_3 IMG_7297Blake was in a school play this week. He was the old man in Jill and the Beanstalk. He made his beard from an old Santa hat.


This is the dress rehearsal.

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Blake did AWESOME!


Firstly he went door to door and classroom to classroom and phoned home to Canada to raise heaps of money for diabetes research.

He raised over 2,700 rmb which is around $35o Canadian dollars.

As he raised money so many of our friends and neighbours asked him how many laps he would swim.  He always answered, “I have no idea,” and I didn’t either.  To be truthful I didn’t even think he’d last 30 minutes.  But he did, and somewhere around the 20 minute/14 lap mark, he decided he wanted to do 20 laps.  He had to work really hard, but he did it! Finishing just as the whistle blew.

Such determination! Such grit!

I am bursting with pride!

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Iron Eagle Triathlon

Blake competed in the third annual Iron Eagle Triathlon today. We are so proud of him. Scott and I were involved as well.  I’m pretty proud of us too. Scott swam, I biked and our friend Todd ran. Yay us!

Here’s my boy getting ready for the swim with his mates Vishal, Declan, and Oliver.IMG_9956 Blake came out of the pool and raced to the transition area.  Then he and his buddy Bauer sat down to put their shoes on and had a good chat.IMG_9979Next came the bike.  Blake did two big laps and always made time to wave to his fans.  As he passed me at the end of his first lap he shouted, “I forgot my shirt, should I go get it?”

Keep going kid!!!IMG_9992 He opted for a shirt free run as well.IMG_9994After a rather leisurely swim and a pretty relaxing bike ride, Blake worked really hard on his run.  Probably the longest he’s ever run in one go. I am so proud of him!

Two champs and their medals.

IMG_0014And then there was a bouncy castle, a slip and slide and snow cones.

What a FABULOUS day!


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