Blake and I both got haircuts today.  It takes 4 minutes to cut his hair and an hour and a half to cut and colour mine.  While he was waiting for me he mostly played Minecraft on the ipad, but sometimes he chatted with the employees.

Hair salon lady:  Where are you from?

Blake: Just me or my whole family?

Lady:  Your whole family.

Blake:  Well, me and my ayi are Shanghainese, and my mom and dad are Canucks.


She was pretty surprised.


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China Alive

Our Junior School had a special day celebrating China today.  They did loads of games and activities that recognized our host country.

I was in charge of the photobooth.  Kids came and got dressed up in traditional costumes and we took pictures.  Here are Blake’s.IMG_0129 IMG_0136


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Home Stays

SAS is hosting a super soccer tournament for our girls varsity teams.  That means 12 teams from all over Asia have come to play at our school.  All of the players are housed in with students from the community.  We are very excited to have two girls from Brent International School in Manila.  There names are Chelsea and Elly.

IMG_9857It’s 8:00 pm here and everyone but me is fast asleep.  I think the girls are worn out from traveling and I’m pretty sure Blake is tired from talking to them non-stop for 2 hours.


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Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Sunday was a perfect kite flying kind of day.


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Student Led Conferences

Today was Blake’s Student Led Conference.

Blake eagerly showed us around his classrooms.  He is so proud of his work and so confident sharing his successes.  Once again, I am so thankful for the people who nurture his love of learning, and share their expertise with him.  We are such a lucky family.

I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of Blake and Ms Iqbal because she was sooooo busy.  I forgot to take a picture of Blake and Mr Magsi, but I did remember to take one of the rest of his support crew.


Blake and Ms Chen


Blake and Xu Lao Shi


Blake and Ms Wild

Some more SLC photos:

In the classroom

IMG_8843 IMG_8848 IMG_8851

IMG_8852 IMG_8854

In the gymIMG_8875 IMG_8861In the Music Room


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3 more NZ pics…

I just found three more NZ pics on my camera that I LOVE!!!

IMG_8807 IMG_8808 IMG_8823 - Version 2

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Class Photos

The class group photos arrived today.

Here is Blake’s class.

normal kmiThey are a really terrific group of kids!  Blake has the most amazing teacher we could ever hope for and an incredible teaching assistant.

Then the photographer asked them to do a goofy pose and he didn’t have to ask twice.

goofy kmi

My best guy…

cut out

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only one more day in NZ – waaaah

Playground #368 of this trip had some very cool elements. And it nicely matched Blake’s colour scheme.IMG_8720
The fountain at Mission Bay.IMG_8737We’ll always find time for mini golf.  Blake walked up to the first hole – got it in one.  Second hole – another hole in one.  Is there a pro minigolf circuit?  Sign this kid up!IMG_8759 And we finished the day at Sonia’s house with Scott’s GIS friends.  Lots of laughing and remembering.  It sure will be hard to leave tomorrow.  IMG_8786

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Fishing with Ter & North Head

We began the afternoon with a ramble around North Head.  You probably know that Auckland is built on or around about 50 volcanic cones.  We climbed up one of the Devonport volcanoes today.  North Head is at the mouth of the Harbour as you enter in and was heavily fortified during the world wars should any one venture down these ways.  None of the cannons or big guns were ever used in battle, just to welcome important visitors such as Queen Vic when she arrived.  We crawled through some of the tunnels today and saw lots of big cannons and ran around all over the place.  It was very cool.IMG_8544 IMG_8586 Later we met up with Terry for some fishing. He said he knew just the right spot and he was totally right.  We caught 16 fish!!!  Mostly snapper (yum!) and threw them all back in.  We would have chucked them back no matter what, but not a single one was regulation size. IMG_8612 IMG_8643 IMG_8667

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Another Day in Paradise

Beautiful Long Bay Beach.IMG_8533With a delicious picnic.

IMG_8529The ducks were very interested in Blake’s sandwich too.

IMG_8525 IMG_8523Another round of mini golf.IMG_8539Playing at Wendy’s school playground.IMG_8476IMG_8479 IMG_8487 IMG_8497 IMG_8517This neat ramp thing is a toy car run and Blake is trying to beat the cars to the bottom.  Very, very cool.


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