Date With Dad

Our school held it’s annual Date With Dad tonight and it was fantastic. 350 dads and their kids having an absolute blast playing at school for 2 hours. It was a beautiful evening.  Lots of tired, sweaty, happy kids and their dads at SAS today!

Here are a lot of them, with Scott right in the middle, introducing a new game.


IMG_8879 IMG_8883

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Yesterday was a perfect day for flying a kite! Lucky for us we have the perfect kite. Thanks Auntie Peg and Uncle John. It worked terrific! It got stuck on one roof, in one bush and tangled in one tree, but all was sorted out with the help from the neighbours.

IMG_8712 IMG_8709IMG_8719IMG_8717It was so much fun we even took it out for another run today. There wasn’t a lick of wind blowing, but that didn’t stop Blake from running like a mad thing up and down the Links.

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Hong Kong

Our friend Kathy met us at the airport. We were on our way to HK and she was on her way to Canada. Lucky us, we got to spend an hour with one of the most amazing women I know. IMG_8164The next morning Blake and I headed to Hong Kong Disney. We took the MTR and the last leg of the journey is on Disney’s own line. Check out the cars. Very cool!
IMG_8170Even the things you hold in the subway were Mickey!IMG_8173We had some time to explore out front before the park opened.IMG_8177 We both bought new shades. It was a super bright day.IMG_8201Our first stop was Tarzan’s tree house. Then it was onto Grizzly Gulch which I loved, but Blake found it a bit too much for his first ride. He didn’t even want to get in this prop car out front afterwards.IMG_8203 IMG_8204There were some fun geyser type water features near by.

IMG_8205 IMG_8209 We stopped for a snack in Toy Story Land.  Blake got some mango ice cream.  I ordered chocolate ice cream and got served HOT CHOCOLATE.  It was way to hot for hot chocolate, but we looked around and tons of people were drinking it. Crazy!IMG_8217 Toy Story world had all these amazing details.  Two of the scariest rides at the park were in this world.IMG_8220 IMG_8223 The CarouselIMG_8230 Blake had a blast on Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups. These are some of my favourite pictures from the whole wonderful day.IMG_8232 IMG_8233 IMG_8234 IMG_8235 Tomorrow Land UFOIMG_8238 A nice break to cool down.IMG_8248 HK Disney was fabulous, small but fabulous, but this did make me crack up. Rather than building a full castle in Asia, Cinderella and Prince Charming painted one on a flat building.IMG_8258 We loved the Lion King show. Afterwards Blake met up with some of the cast.IMG_8271 IMG_8277Disney Land was brilliant, but it wasn’t the only thing we did in HK.

We took the tram up to the highest point on the island, The Peak.  It is a funicular railway built over 100 years ago. It is so steep the buildings look as though they are leaning on their sides, but really we are.
IMG_8296 Afterwards we walked down the mountain. I had several mini heart attacks as Blake skipped, ran and danced down the slippery, mossy paths. But we made it unscathed except for one rather dodgy public restroom I think we’d both rather forget.IMG_8306 IMG_8319 On to Stanley Beach. When we got there Blake just lay in the sand for awhile. This is a boy who loves to play in the sand!IMG_8321 IMG_8325 IMG_8329 There were lots of cool rocks to climb on, sea glass to collect, playgrounds to tryout and yummy cafes to enjoy.IMG_8340 IMG_8351 We finished up our weekend at Scott’s tournament. They came in third.  They had a brilliant season. Only one loss the entire year, but it unfortunately knocked them out of the final game.  In addition to having so much fun touring Hong Kong’s amazing attractions, we also caught up with some more brilliant friends Colleen, Karla, Chris and Brenna & Lawrence who are not pictured.IMG_8356What a fabulous weekend!  I really, really, really want to go back soon!

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Books to Eat

Blake’s first entrant into Books to Eat this year was Minecraft. It was a tough choice between Harry Potter and Minecraft, but he made it and it was very, very popular.IMG_7948

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We went for a bike ride this afternoon on Blake’s new bike. His old one made his knees hit his chin when he pedalled.  Blake is in a triathlon in about a month and he needed some time to practice on a new bike. This new bike has gears which Blake thinks is pretty awesome. We rode to the back of the golf course at top speed, then we turned around to get home and BAM rode right into the wind. It was a tough haul, but he did it.


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Love this boy…


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Our Middle School held a FLL (First Lego League) tournament this weekend.  This little dude is VERY interested in robotics and programming and lego, so we spent our whole Saturday at the tournament.  He wasn’t interested in the competitions, he wanted to watch the competitors prepare for their round. He watched for hours.

IMG_7920 IMG_7924 IMG_7922

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Student Led Conference

We had an amazing student led conference with Blake this morning. He was so proud of his work and we are so incredibly proud of him.

The kids are booked into 1 hour slots expecting that kids will take 20-30 minutes in the classroom then 20-30 minutes visiting his special classes.  I wrapped things up with Blake after 1hr 45min, because I had work to do. I took 223 pictures this morning.  I’m not going to share them all with you, but I am going to share a bunch.

This is Blake sharing his thinking about his favorite non fiction book. He had a lot of thinking to share. You should have seen all the sticky notes!
IMG_7696 Blake and Scott play a game of Tric Trac on the ipad.IMG_7705 Thinking hard…IMG_7710 They figured it out!IMG_7711 Blake and Ms Erickson. True love.IMG_7712 And we went to PE.  First was badminton! Blake and I had an awesome rally!IMG_7715A few turns at archery.



Lots and lots of basketball.


IMG_7750Blake had a lot of turns on the rope swing.


Scott always likes to get in on the fun.


He did pretty well on the pogo stick.

IMG_7782IMG_7780Mr Nick is a fabulous PE teacher!IMG_7799Next it was off to art with Mr Chavez.IMG_7803Gao Lao Shi is Blake’s beloved Chinese teacher and boy is she amazing!
IMG_7810 Off to music class.  I think Julie had set out all the instruments.IMG_7818 Time for a quick cuddle with Ms Wild.IMG_7829

Blake showed off some dance moves for his upcoming performance.  He’s very excited.


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I took one picture of Blake on Easter. One! I’m slipping.  Plus it rained and rained and rained all Easter weekend, so outdoor pursuits were curbed. Happy Easter all.easter


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When we were in Vancouver the whole family got new rollerblades.

Blake and I have been trying them out back in Shanghai.  They are great!

IMG_7647 IMG_7643

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