PJ Day

Today is the first day of Spirit Week.  Everybody loves pajama day!!

Recognize these jammies Grandma?  He chose them special because the pants are so soft.

Vishal and Francesco look pretty cute too.



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Blake’s Party

Blake’s Spy party was a huge success.  All 16 kids had a blast, especially this little boy.  Which makes me so very happy.
IMG_5954 IMG_5956 IMG_5967 IMG_5977 IMG_5988

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Happy Birthday Dear Blake

Dear Blake,

Today you turn 7! SEVEN!

Kiddo, you are strong, you are loving, you are smart, you are funny and you are kind. I am so proud to be your mom.

These days…

  • Your legs seem to get longer every day.
  • The wiggly tooth you have waited so long for is finally here.
  • Your quick smile lights up your face, the room, my life and more.
  • Hugs are your absolute favourite thing.
  • You can not get enough books – stories to read, and always stories to listen to. Fiction, nonfiction, jokes, facts, you name it.
  • You love Minecraft and Stampylongnose.
  • You have a soft, warm, caring, sweet heart,
  • You run and run and run and jump and climb and roll with boundless energy and grace.
  • You love to build, create, and figure things out.
  • And talk.  Kid, you could win an Olympic medal in talking and I will always have time, find time, make time to listen.
  • You amaze me.

We love you so much and always will.

Some pictures of our amazing boy.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 10.58.21 AMScreen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.01.10 AMScreen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.07.34 AM
Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.04.55 AMScreen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.18.58 AMScreen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.22.30 AM

Blake is one!

Blake is two!

Blake is three!

Blake is four!

Blake is five!

Blake is six!

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Poetry Celebration

Yesterday Blake’s class held it’s poetry celebration.

It was amazing!

Each child presented two poems and they were all so lovely.

Blake’s poems were called “December Days are Done” and “Nature.”

Brenda had a ‘poetry hat’ or beret for each student, Blake chose not to wear his, but I made him put it on to pose for a picture at the end, because how cute is this kid!
IMG_5915Here is a video of Blake reading his second poem.

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B-day party #1 in Canada

Blake’s 7th birthday is coming soon.  We had our first celebration at Grandma’s house.

IMG_5808 IMG_5804 IMG_5793Lots of fun goodies, lots of wonderful family and friends.

Really wish I’d wiped the chocolate milk moustache off his gorgeous face!

Even some awesome entertainment.IMG_5803


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Sledding Fun

The snow came near the end of our vacation and so did the cold temperatures.  It was about-15C and flurries when we left. Brrrrrrr.IMG_5751 IMG_5755 IMG_5762 IMG_5765 IMG_5766 IMG_5776Four good buddies.  Blake, Enya, Erin, Niamh.

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Great Wolf Lodge

We headed back to Great Wolf Lodge at Niagara this break for another fun filled holiday.  This time Barbara, Erin and Richard came with us and we had a wonderful time.

These are my two favorite wolves.

IMG_5677This year we got a Kids Kamp room.  Blake was not disappointed.

IMG_5681It’s such a fun place to visit with kiddos. They wear pjs or swim suits almost the whole time. There are always fun characters to visit with.IMG_5688IMG_5693

IMG_5747IMG_5689This year we added two new fun things to our trip – bowling and the arcade.

IMG_5713 IMG_5711
IMG_5704 IMG_5702

IMG_5706I think this boy would play air hockey every day for the rest of his life!

I didn’t bring any of my cameras into the water park. I think I’d like a new waterproof camera. Scott and Blake both used the Go Pro though. We haven’t looked at the footage, but I’ll post some here when we get it uploaded.

Blake LOVED running around that place with a camera on his head.

We had a brilliant time!




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Li Min School

Before Christmas vacation, Blake’s class went on a field trip to a local migrant school called Li Min School.

When we arrived the first graders sang to us and we sang to them.

IMG_5007Afterwards, each of the SAS students gave a small bag of goodies to the Li Min students. Blake and his classmates raised money for these bags by baking cookies and selling them.  Our kids decorated the bags with holiday pictures. Cute!

It was a pretty neat event.

We walked into the classroom and there were more than 50 kids in each of the grade one classrooms.  See how all the kids are in big jackets?  Chinese schools usually don’t heat their classrooms.


Blake and his friends handed out the bags and chatted with them in Chinese if they were able.IMG_5021 IMG_5016 IMG_5012At the end of the trip we came back to school and took a class portrait outside the school.

IMG_5066 - Version 2SAS has a long history working with Li Min.  The blue tables the students are sitting at were donated by our PTSA several years ago and one of our high school clubs, G.I.F.Ts had a read-a-thon to build their school library.  They have built school libraries all over China actually. Amazing students we have here.



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Our tubing buddies were either sick or had left for Vancouver (miss you Peg) so the three of us headed to the hill first thing this morning.

It was snowing – YAY! and pretty fantastic. An hour and a half of fun sliding, followed by a delicious hot chocolate in the clubhouse.  Yum.

It was snowing when we went this morning and now it is raining.  Crazy winter weather this year!

IMG_5639 IMG_5643 IMG_5648 IMG_5653 IMG_5668

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NYE Skating


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