Things Blake thinks is funny

Blake finds puns hilarious. I love how much joy he gets from simple wordplay.

He selected some of his favourites last night so that we could print them out and share with his friends. Since they were on my desktop, I thought I’d share them with you.
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And this is his very, very, very, very favourite.

If you could see how much Blake cracks up and how long he laughs after reading this one, well you’d be laughing too, because his joy is contagious.


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Santa – Hooray!

This weekend we went to the Concordia Winter Fair – a yearly tradition – and we had Blake’s picture taken with Santa.

blake and Santa

Here’s a look back at our earlier snaps:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6

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What’s Happening With Our House

Pat and Larry sent these pictures of the goings on at home.

IMG_0424 IMG_0421 IMG_0416 IMG_0417 IMG_0428 IMG_0419 IMG_0418 IMG_0425 IMG_0429 IMG_0427 IMG_0423 IMG_0420 IMG_0426

Can’t wait to see it at Christmas!

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Student Led Conference

Today was Blake’s student led conference. The first one in grade 2. Mrs Erickson is amazing and we are thankful for everything she does.IMG_3487Blake loves his art teacher Mr Chavez and so do we. We just learned Mr Chavez is leaving SAS next year.  Ahhh…. the transitory life of the international educator.  Whether you are a stayer, a goer or a newbie, the one constant is always transition.IMG_3488Some recent art by our big gunner.IMG_3496 IMG_3489Ms Wild is Blake’s incredible music teacher. They’ve been together for 4 years and there is a lot of love between these two.IMG_3510Harold and Blake are playing a duet in music.IMG_3509Playing with the ribbons.IMG_3502Mr Nic is Blake’s awesome PE teacher. Blake loves every thing about school, but PE is a big favourite.IMG_3530 IMG_3526

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SAS Carnival

Highlights from the SAS Carnival definitely included bubble soccer.IMG_3434 IMG_3425 IMG_3431IMG_3447

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Blake has been planning to be Percy Jackson for 5 months.

We bought the shirt in Canada, had the necklace delivered to China from the States, made the lightening bolt, Medusa shield and laurels here at home. And if you know the books at all, you’ll know why Blake has a ball point pen in his pocket and a watch on his wrist.

I think he nailed it.
IMG_8802I think he looks great! We were in the elementary school parade when we both spotted an Annabeth in Gr 4. She kindly posed for a picture with him.IMG_8803Scotty dressed as a roller blading Minion and my team and I recycled a set of costumes I made 4 years ago.IMG_8814 IMG_9874

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It started with Bella’s mom and I wanting to get together for a quick drink while the kids played together and grew into a mammoth playdate including Bella, Blake and their friends Andrew and Jennifer.

The four kids played at our house for an hour and a half then took the bus into Jinqiao.IMG_4266 Then they went skating. Blake’s first time on figure skates.IMG_4269 Then a massive games marathon.IMG_4276 Followed by a sleepover,

& french toast the next morning.IMG_4283I was heading into town at 8:30ish to pick him up at 9 as instructed when I got a message that they were heading to the pool and could I come at 11:30 instead.

What an awesome playdate!

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The Flash(es)

Blake is being Percy Jackson this year and he is really happy about that because he LOVES Percy Jackson. That means he will be wearing jeans, a Camp Half Blood t-shirt, a bead necklace and carry a pen in his pocket.  He would love to bring a sword to school, Anaklusmos, but no weapons are allowed at SAS.

Scott wanted a Flash costume for himself, so we picked one up for Blake as well.

Don’t they look great?

IMG_3360 IMG_3363

We asked Blake if he would like to change his mind and be the Flash with dad. He said no.


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Babies are wriggly.  7 year olds aren’t much better.

It was tough to get a pic of these two in their Vancouver t-shirts, but this was the best I could manage.

IMG_3352 IMG_3348

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Artist in Residence

This year (actually, this week) we are opening our brand spanking new Performing Arts Centre. It’s going to look like this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 9.57.07 AMGorgeous, right?

We have invited a visiting artist from Australia named Pamela Irving to help us create a mosaic for the foyer.  Every single student, teacher, employee is invited to, encouraged to, and in some cases forced to add to the mosaic.

We as a family have contributed a few pieces to be smashed and added to the beautiful collection of pottery. One was a (chipped) wedding present from some dear friends in NZ, one was a gift from a from a favourite student (also chipped) and one was a bowl given to Blake when he was a baby. Not only is our labour going into the project, but also some of our family history.

***We also donated some angry bird mugs, because they were yellow and I was pretty happy to get them out of the cupboard.***

Blake’s class went for a lesson yesterday and he and I went back up before school this am to continue.

spirit - 3 spirit - 2 spirit - 1

His grandma is a stained glass artist. He really loved cutting the glass, Pat. If you are looking for a buddy, he’ll be happy to help. He’s also recently learned to solder (is that spelled right? Tough word!) at school in engineering, so who knows, he might be very helpful.

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