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Free Range Chickens

Blake is finishing up a unit on being an ethical consumer. He chose to do his final project on Free Range Chickens. See video below. Proud of this little stinker

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Hour of Code

This week SAS and thousands of schools around the world participated in Hour of Code. It’s part of Computer Science Education Week and it’s designed to give kids some exposure to coding and programming. Some of our students led a workshop for parents. It was pretty cool. A great place to learn more about coding … Continue reading »

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To Blake, From Rick Riordan

Our lovely friend Kimbra went to a librarian’s conference in St Louis. Rick Riordan came to do a bit of talk – it sold out, but that didn’t deter our Kim. She crashed it, found a free book under a chair, and brought it up to Rick to be signed AND HAD HIM SIGN IT … Continue reading »

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My Blake, our Trin

These two are the best of buds.

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Hawks Prizegiving

Blake’s baseball has finished up for the season. He was presented with a cool framed pic and a usb with all the pics from the season. It was a great year!

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American Thanksgiving.

Blake’s grade level had a nice lunch celebration. We had a neigbourhood Thanksgving – called Linksgiving, that was lovely. And we took a trip to Disney.

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FLL jr is back

Here is Blake’s 2017 2018 Jr FLL Robotics team. Introducing Two Thirds Fluid. Jennifer, Zoe and Blake are back together again and two kids have been added – Leah and Diego. It’s a rocking cool team! Here’s Blake’s team fooling around with a robot called Milo.

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Dance Performance

Today, Scott and I went to see Blake’s first 4th grade dance performance as part of a school show called Inspire. The grade 4 costumes were very sparkly. It was fabulous!  

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There’s a new challenge at SAS called the Flying Eagles Jump Rope Challenge. If there is one thing that Blake loves, it’s a new challenge. Our amazing PE teachers have set up a progression of skills and tricks that you have to do with a jump rope. Blake is a big fan, but it’s tough … Continue reading »

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Learning 2

On Thursday night we slept over at Alicia and Bella’s house because Friday was a BIG day. This weekend our campus hosted a tech conference called Learning 2. Around 300 teachers from around Asia came to our school. On Friday they had student led workshops. Blake and his friends presented their learning about FLL jr. … Continue reading »

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