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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Don’t You Just Love Hand Me Downs?

I hated them as a kid. But as a mom I LOVE them!! Another teacher family has a boy about 5 months older than Blake and we get all his old stuff, which is fabulous because his mom is a super shopper. This means we get nice clothes and lots of them!! This little beauty, … Continue reading »

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Our Little Vegetarian

Blake has been eating solid food for a while now. He took to it like a pro!! For a few months it looked like he might turn into a sweet potato. Next, he couldn’t get enough of green peas. Most recently it was those little oranges that he loved! Blake was eating every fruit and … Continue reading »

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Hanging out with Sam

Today Blake and I spent the afternoon playing with Sam and his owners. Sam is a brand new, very lovable red poodle who belongs to our friends Marypat, Karl, Cam and Matthew. They live in Green Court like we do, but they have a first floor apartment. On a beautiful, sunny day like today, the … Continue reading »

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Just Two of the Many Faces of Blake

There are two photos I want to share with you today. The first one is a new trick Blake has been doing for the past couple days. We call it the chipmunk trick and it’s impressive! He packs a large amount of food into his mouth and holds it there for a long time. This … Continue reading »

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Xin Nian Kuai Le

This is the most important holiday in China, today is New Year’s Eve. It is celebrated by families coming together from all over the country & maybe world, eating special foods and the most amazing displays of fireworks you could ever imagine! Blake was born in January, 2008 at the beginning of our western year … Continue reading »

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Making Soup

Chinese New Year holiday week is here and I have to tell you being around all day with Blake is a lot of fun! For months his main focus has been taking stuff out of other stuff. His absolute favorite was to pull all the tissues out of the box, but he also enjoyed taking … Continue reading »

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Crazy, Crazy Hair.

Blake’s hair is getting long and kind of crazy. When wet, it comes right into his eyes. After taking a hat off things are wildly out of control.I think a lot of babies have too long hair because parents can’t bear to cut it. I’ve seen way too many baby mullets (bullets?) when the hair … Continue reading »

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It’s cold in Shanghai

Shanghai weather!!Yesterday was balmy and today it was absolutely freezing! From 15 C to -2 C overnight. Brrrr. Not Canadian winter freezing, but much, much colder than we are used to, or have clothes for. Blake doesn’t even have a winter jacket. He does have a lovely warm, fleece lined sweater with a hood. He … Continue reading »

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Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah…

I seem to spend about half my time chasing Blake and half my time being followed by him. Or maybe the ratio is more like 80 – 20. One place he loves to visit and isn’t allowed to unless there is very strict supervision is the kitchen. And I have to tell you, having Blake … Continue reading »

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Introducing the Wonderful, Amazing, Incredible YOU!

The doctors told me you would be coming on the 29th of January. Everybody else told me first babies are ALWAYS late. But ten days before we expected, you came into this world on the 19th of January 2008, all 7 pounds of you, in an emergency C-section and changed our lives forever. Our obstetrician … Continue reading »

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