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Monthly Archives: February 2009

He’s Young….

This afternoon my precious little baby fell and skidded across the tarmac along his right cheek. He screamed! He wailed! He was beside himself!Until he got in the elevator and started pressing all the buttons and the crying stopped right away. Having to stop at every floor is a small price to pay for a … Continue reading »

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Itchy, itchy head

Last Saturday I had an itchy head. Thought I had nits so I went to see our school nurse. We ruled out headlice and she thought it was dandruff, so I began using Scott’s Head and Shoulders. But my head kept getting itchier and itchier. Today, at work I went back to the nurse, she … Continue reading »

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Even when Blake was a little tiny guy he was a good sleeper. And for this we are very thankful.Once he is asleep he sleeps long and he sleeps deeply. However, getting him to sleep can sometimes be a bit tricky. Lately, though, things have taken a turn for the better. When we take Blake … Continue reading »

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Trucks, Cars and all Toys with Wheels

There is a little boy down stairs who is car crazy. He also likes to line stuff up.Scott and I always know when he has visited because every car in our house is lined up along the edge of the couch. He chooses cars first, but also lines up any toy with wheels – we … Continue reading »

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Who needs an Ayi?

We do. I’m not even sure what to write about this picture. That smile, the broom & dustpan – they say it all. Isn’t he just the most incredible boy you have ever seen? Being a mom is a crazy thing – every kid in the world goes through the same phases – the sitting, … Continue reading »

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Exciting news!

Blake has been saying da-da-da-da for months now. He’s been saying mum-mum-mum-mum for quite some time too. He says other sounds like ya-ya-ya and na-na-na and ai-ai-ai-ai-ai but none of them meant anything, just noises – sweet, lovely noises. Then on Saturday I asked Blake if he would like a bite of banana and he … Continue reading »

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The Incredible Eating and Sleeping Boy

Scott and I have cut way back on Blake’s formula according to our Pediatrician’s advice. He now has a little bit in the day and a bottle at night.Is the little fellow wasting away, I hear you asking?Not a chance.This guys eats everything.Yesterday for breakfast he had half a banana, some of mom’s toast, 2 … Continue reading »

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Riding in the Elevator

We have two elevators in our building.One is slow and has a window, the other is fast, but windowless.We live on the 9th floor and I think it is nice to get where you are going as quick as possible.Blake disagrees.He definitely prefers the sightseeing elevator.Here he is looking out across Green Court on our … Continue reading »

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Happy Birthday Dear Scotty!

Today is Scott’s birthday.We spent the day at work, of course, and then went to Cody and Lynsey’s for dinner and the world’s most delicious chili!And as I type this Scott is on the other computer skyping with his mom and dad.Not too grand a day, but lovely friends and lovely family. In other exciting … Continue reading »

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We’re back

We’re back online! New and, hopefully, improved. Please be patient as we try to change the theme, import our old blog, add a blogroll and figure everything out. For now – here’s a picture our best guy.

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