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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Sick Baby at the Doctor’s Office

Yesterday I took Blake to the clinic. He’s not been sick, sick, but he’s not been himself lately. He’s been running a low grade fever for 4 or 5 days now, a bit whingy, and not eating very much. We know at least 3 sharp teeth have just popped through the gums, so maybe that … Continue reading »

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Playing Around the House

Blake is pretty physical kid. Sometimes it seems like he is in constant motion.One of his favorite games these days is to stand up on the bench behind the couch and then throw himself over the top and land on the cushions below.We are constantly amazed by the number of times he can do this … Continue reading »

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Good Mates

We spent the day in Puxi visiting with some good friends. Here are the two buddies at the top of a double slide.Introducing the beautiful princess Maeva.I guess Blake forgot which hand his snack was in.Here he is seconds after throwing the soccer ball.Still a little small to mind this net.Kilani found a shopping trolley … Continue reading »

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Uh Oh

Look who’s learned to take off his own nappy. This could get messy!One of Blake’s favorite activities lately has been standing up on a hope chest playing in my jewelry boxes. Opening the box, closing the box. Pulling out the drawers, pushing in the drawers. And emptying everything out of everything. If you are a … Continue reading »

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Life is Good

Sitting in the early morning sun, reading a book. Life is gooooood.

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Have I blogged about this already?I can’t remember, but I’ll do it again because it cracks me up! When we walk into Carrefour we are immediately mobbed by a group of ladies who work there. All of them calling, “Blak-uh, Blak-uh,” and all of them scrambling to find some food to offer him. A few … Continue reading »

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Sunny Days in Shanghai

They don’t come too often. They don’t always come on weekends or holidays. So when the sun does make a surprise appearance, the best thing to do is to get outside and enjoy it! Throw some bark and stones around. Climb on top of pillars. Get kisses from dad. Lovely.

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A few months ago Blake was biting everything in sight, including Scott and myself. I was getting a little bit worried that he would be that kid at preschool, you know, the biting kid. But then one day I realized he hadn’t bitten anyone in over a week. We had made it through the biting … Continue reading »

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Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Today Scott, Blake and I went with some friends to the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium. By Chinese zoo standards it was a pretty nice facility. Clean, safe, organized, full of cool stuff.Hard to say which part Blake hated the most. It could have been the crowds, though he’s certainly been surrounded by that many people before … Continue reading »

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Surprise #1Today when Scott came home from practice he poured himself an ice cold glass of lemonade straight out of the fridge. Out came the lemonade AND two pencils!!I know what you’re thinking – sue the company and win a million dollars. Good idea. Only these were Shanghai American School pencils, which means they were … Continue reading »

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