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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Go Jays Go!!

We went to the Jays game a few days ago with Brett, Grandma and Grandpa. They lost 5-4 (stink!) to the Phillies, but it was still a fun day. Unexpectedly, and thank goodness, there was a children’s playground just a few gates away from us.  That was a big hit and Blake played and played … Continue reading »

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To market, to market…

Saturday mornings in St Marys mean one thing…. the farmer’s market!!  Fresh fruit, fresh veggies, fresh baking (mmmmmmm), & breakfast sandwiches every Saturday morning Mom and Dad got Blake a wagon for Christmas and when we saw it we knew it would be perfect for the market! We ran into a glitch early when Blake … Continue reading »

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This boy of mine is pure sunshine.  Cherry face, chocolate milk sunshine. He has such a joyful laugh. It doesn’t take much to get Blake laughing, and I spend a lot of time every day trying to get him going. I am so lucky to be able to share in his joy every day. Love … Continue reading »

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The Splash Pad

Today we went up to the arena to play in the splash pad.  The splash pad is a fantastic little set up with fountains that squirt out of the floor, buckets that fill up and tip, rings of water that spray all ways.  Brilliant.  We’ve been looking forward to taking Blake there for months. He … Continue reading »

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First swim of the summer

When we arrived in Ontario 10 days ago I needed extra blankets on my bed, warm sweaters and desperately wanted to buy new slippers.  Yesterday we nearly fainted in the heat.  Summer’s here and it’s hot and muggy.  Lucky for us Grandma and Grandpa have a pool. I jumped in first and it was cold … Continue reading »

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Blake and his cousins

On Scotty’s side there are six cousins.  Three boys and three girls. These are the boys.

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Blake’s new thing is to sleep on his belly with everything in his crib underneath him. In this pic, Blake is sleeping on a book, a stuffed lamb and a quilt. I guess he thinks it’s comfortable – or maybe comforting? Sweet dreams, little sweet heart.

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Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. We had a fun day, following our best night’s sleep in Canada yet – hooray! We played, we got a new bike seat and to top it off we went to a fun party to celebrate dad’s day & Erin and Gilly’s birthdays. The very best part of summer Hossack parties … Continue reading »

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Blake and the Puddle

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A Day at the Park

We are still jet lagging in a big way at our house.  Blake is getting lots of sleep, but he is sleeping in four large naps with a few hours between each.  Two big naps through the day and two big naps in the night.  The toughest awake time is 12 – 2:30 at night.  … Continue reading »

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