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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Birdwatching II

I think I’ve already written about Blake’s love of birds.  All birds.  Big impressive ones, tiny colourful ones, and plain old robins.  He’s not picky.  He just loves birds!  And he points them out to one and all. He points vigorously.  Sometimes I worry that he might dislocate a shoulder or something.  That is how … Continue reading »

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Loving That Zamboni

We went to watch Brett play hockey on Saturday and Sunday. He played great! Blake enjoyed watching the on ice play a lot more than last year.  He was actually aware of the players this year. Once again though, the zamboni was the biggest hit! Last year This year Loving that Zamboni! Hey look!  Grandma’s … Continue reading »

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My baby loves his Grandpa

Blake is a lucky kid.  He is adored by and has attention showered on him by all his aunts, cousins and grandparents.  And he loves them right back!  So naturally I think they are pretty lucky as well. There is no denying that Blake has a really special bond with his Grandpa Larry. Watching the … Continue reading »

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Good Clean Fun…

In a dirty, dirty mud puddle. Another rainy day. The weather this summer has not been great.  It’s been more of jeans and sweatshirt summer rather than a t-shirt and shorts summer.  Even when the sun shines it has not been too hot, but that’s okay for my sun burny and sometimes heat rashy boy. … Continue reading »

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The Zoo

Peg, Scotty, Blake and I went to the Toronto Zoo yesterday. We armed ourselves with snacks, drinks, sunscreen, pram and entered the queue.  It is not cheap to go to the zoo.  Adults cost $21 – but knowing that the money goes to the animals, well it’s money that is easily spent. I was a … Continue reading »

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Home!! Home!! Home!!

We spent the last four days in my parents house in Kleinburg.  They still live in the house I grew up in.  Out back we have a large, screened in deck and if you look carefully between the slats you can see some of our old toys in their final resting places below the porch. … Continue reading »

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Pure Genius

The person who invented stacking cups is a freaking genius. We have taken stacking cups all over the world with us.  On flights, on vacations, at home, abroad… you name it. When they are stacked up they take NO room in your luggage or bathroom shelf. When they are unstacked they can make towers, fit … Continue reading »

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St Marys

We are so lucky to spend our summers in this beautiful little town in Southwestern Ontario. The Thames River runs right through town and has a lovely little falls down town. We spent the day with our good friend Ali and her sweet new pup.  We took them on a walk to show off our … Continue reading »

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Birdwatching etc…

Blake doesn’t miss much. He sees every bird in the sky & every squirrel on the ground.  He can hear a big truck coming from miles away.  And he LOVES helicopters and planes!! He doesn’t have the words for any of these things yet, so each bird, squirrel, plane, truck, helicopter, etc is met with … Continue reading »

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Four Glorious Days at the Cottage

My dad has a little cottage up north. It’s perched up on rocks way up in the Canadian Shield. It’s one of my special, special places.  I don’t get there anywhere near as often as I would like to, but every time I go it is magic. For one thing, my dad is there and … Continue reading »

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