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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Last Wednesday we had a perfect family evening. Scott and I got home on the late bus after staff meeting, picked up the big gunner and and went to Slice for 2 for 1 pizza.  Yum.  Pizza’s not my fave by any stretch, but Slice pizza is my favorite so it was fun.  It was … Continue reading »

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Thank you IKEA

Scott, Blake and I made the trek to IKEA last Saturday. I don’t know what opening time is like in every other IKEA in the world, but here in Shanghai it is RIDICULOUS! Starting at least an hour before opening, people begin to congregate near the tape and in the cafeteria – eating swedish meatballs … Continue reading »

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Good Buddies

Blake went to a birthday party last week. His mate Bauer turned two.  The Parhams are terrific hosts – as always they put on a lovely spread of bbq and booze. It was the first Friday back at school so we were all in the mood for a cocktail. Here is Blake and his bud … Continue reading »

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Free Entertainment

Scott and I would like to thank Shanghai for putting on such a great show right outside Blake’s window. Everyday there are two bulldozers and a digger at work.  What’s really great is that they move! We spend a good chunk of time every day standing on the window sill watching the trucks at work.  … Continue reading »

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Avoiding the heat

This little beauty goes around.  You heard me – it goes around like a carousel and is a lot of fun! Blakie LOVES playgrounds!!!  Loves, loves, loves them!  But right now it is too hot to be outside between the hours of 5am and 10pm.  So we are on the hunt for indoor playgrounds.  If … Continue reading »

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We have been back in Shanghai for two weeks now.  Two busy weeks.  Not too much time for taking photos or blogging. We’re just back from a morning trip to IKEA (blech) and Blake is sleeping so I thought I’d do a quick update of our lives. Scott is really liking his new job as … Continue reading »

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Making the most of our weekends

We are back to the real world. Back to early morning and late afternoon buses and spending most of our time with Blake in the evenings. Weekend time is very, very precious, and I enjoy every second of my time with the Big Gunner. This Sunday Blake and I got up nice and early and … Continue reading »

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Lost in Translation

When it was time for Blake to have his bath, I took off his shirt and then his shorts and there he was in his Little Swimmers nappy. I guess I forgot to tell Ling Ling that the blue ones are for only for the pool. In addition to being too expensive for everyday use, … Continue reading »

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Last Days in Canada

Blake appreciates a good playground. Anywhere he can run and climb is a big hit! We found this little gem at Bindertwine Park before we left. No swings, no slide, but a stick, some stairs, a steering wheel, and a place to run were all he needed to have a wonderful time!

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Goodbye Little Yellow House

We will miss you!See you next year!

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