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Monthly Archives: September 2009


Untitled from amy hossack on Vimeo. What I really like is the singing.

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Two recent pics

What does a cat say?  Meow What does a duck say?  Quack (sort of) What does a bee say?  Buzzzzzz What does a sheep say?  Baa What does a gorilla say?  Shhhhh That last one is courtesy of our favorite, favorite book, Goodnight Gorilla.

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Art Work

Blake had his art/dance/play class again. Ling Ling said he didn’t cry or try to leave once!  So that’s good. He brought home his art and carried it back and forth between Scott and I, showing us what he’d made. It’s a horse that really rocks.  There’s a brown side and a pink side.  Ling … Continue reading »

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Reading, Reading, Reading

This kid of mine is CRAZY for books!  He loves reading with me, he loves reading with Scott, he loves ‘reading’ by himself.  He reads in his room, our room, the lounge, on the bus, in taxis, in his pram…everywhere.  Books, books, books!  Reading, reading, reading!  It’s awesome and kind of freaky too.  You really … Continue reading »

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These days Blake is all about the utensils. He loves to use his fork and spoon and is just itching to get his hands on a knife. He is also a big fan of wooden spoons, spatulas, ladles, chopsticks, and tongs. Of course, it’s not as simple as just putting the fork into the food … Continue reading »

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This is for you Peg

YouTube is banned in China so I’m trying a new way to upload videos. Fingers crossed. Hi Auntie Peggy from amy hossack on Vimeo.

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You are looking at a picture of two very handsome, very wonderful Canadian citizens!!! Woo Hoo! After twenty months of paperwork and waiting and waiting and waiting, Canada has granted Blake his citizenship and extended his passport for three more years. Yay! Have a great weekend!

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A new party trick

Blake has added a new animal sound to his (slowly) growing list of words. He meows like a cat, quacks like a duck and……. drumroll please……. buzzes like a bee. What a super star!!! I fully expect Mensa to come knocking on our door any day now.

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Back in the Swing of Things

Phew – it’s been over a week since I last posted.  My sister facebooked me to say – get some pictures up! As always, it’s tough to find a balance and do everything you want to do and do it well.  Being a teacher, mom, wife, friend – that’s a lot of balls to juggle … Continue reading »

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A Day at the Park

What a terrific weekend! We played and played and played and played. These days Blake is pure sunshine.  He is so happy and seems to really enjoy everything we do.  He loves baths, reading, building towers, knocking them down, visiting parks, going for walks…and on and on. And I love every minute I get to … Continue reading »

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