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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Bat Boy

Somebody teach that boy how to hold a bat. We had such a fun day visiting our friends across the river. I asked Blake to stand on the base, but instead he cleaned it. We played and ran and ran and played and then…crashed.

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There are a lot of milestones in a babies life…everything they do they’re doing it for the first time.  Some are naturally more special than others.  I don’t think anyone gathers round and applauds the first spit up, for example, but first words, first smile, first laugh, first tooth; these are the things we celebrate, … Continue reading »

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Happy Side Effects

I’ve been working pretty hard on getting fit and being healthy and it’s had some positive side effects.  I don’t get puffed out easily, I feel great and…… I’ve lost 11kg. Maybe you’re saying to yourself, “Wow that’s a bunch of kg!” Or, maybe you’re asking yourself, ” What the heck is a kg?” Let … Continue reading »

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just hangin’ around

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Nose and Ears

Ni de bi zi zai nali? Ne di er duo zai nali? Hen hao. Clever bilingual baby. Thanks to the lovely Connie and the clever Marco for translation confirmation.

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Little Red Kitchen

I hope you’re reading this dad, because your youngest child is pretty handy with a screwdriver and allen key.  And clearly your grandson is very helpful with the tools as well. Scott and I have been tremendously lucky as parents and haven’t needed to very many toys.  We have been given hundreds of lovely toys … Continue reading »

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Thanksgiving, Canadian Style

Happy belated Turkey day to my Canadian friends and family. There are actually a lot of Canadians working with us at S.A.S.  The Americans joke sometimes and say it should be called Shanghai Canadian School. Ten of us got together last Sunday night to enjoy some yummy turkey and spuds and carrots and roast beef … Continue reading »

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Getting all ready for Halloween

Today Blake, Scott and I made our annual trip to the fabric market to have costumes made for Halloween. Scott had a tough time choosing which super hero to be this year – he narrowed it down to the Flash, Green Lantern and Batman.  Batman won.  We considered making a Robin costume for Blake, but … Continue reading »

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If you read this blog from time to time you might be wondering why we named it Hossacks Three when All About Blake would have been much more fitting title.  No doubt about it, Blake is the best and most wonderful things in our lives, but every now and then Scott and I also have … Continue reading »

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Day at Century Park

Century Park is the largest park in Shanghai.  We’re very lucky because it’s just a short 20 minute bike ride away. Yesterday we headed over there with our friends Jacob, Robyn and Jeff. It was a gorgeous, clear, sunny day and a holiday, so we were not alone.  Thousands of people had the same idea.  … Continue reading »

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