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Monthly Archives: November 2009


Scott played in the Bei League Championship game today. And he won!!  It was pretty tight for most of the game, but in the end they walked away with it, 21 – 10. Blake and I braved the crisp autumn weather to cheer him on.  It was cold, but it was fun! Team shot – … Continue reading »

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Thanksgiving, American Style

We’re Canadians working in an American school.  That means we get two Thanksgivings!  One in October and one in November.  I’m not a huge turkey fan, but Scott could eat it every night, so that is just great with him.  With Christmas just around the corner he might score another turkey dinner yet. We hosted … Continue reading »

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A Conversation on the Bus

Blake:  “What’s that?” Me:  “That’s a truck.” Blake:  “What’s that?” Me:  “That’s a truck.” Blake:  “What’s that?” Me:  “That’s a tanker truck.” Blake:  “What’s that?” Me:  “That’s a truck.” Blake:  “What’s that? What’s that?  Maaaa What’s that?” Me:  “That’s a truck with a light on top!” Blake:  “ooooooooo” Blake:  “What’s that?” Me:  “That’s a bus.” … Continue reading »

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Blake and I headed to the Concordia Christmas fair to see Santa again this year.  I didn’t have high hopes for a photo because last year was a complete disaster.  I couldn’t even pry him off me, he clung that tightly. This year was better.  Sitting on Santa’s knee was definitely not going to happen, … Continue reading »

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We have a huge bath tub at Green Court.  Huge! Tonight I accidentally filled it much fuller than we are used to.  This made Blake laugh a lot and do funny walking along the bottom of the tub.  He also would lean down a little bit and blow bubbles right into the water instead of … Continue reading »

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New HK Photo

Our friend and terrific photographer, Chris B from HK, just sent us a new pic of the most wonderful boy in the world.  I think he looks a lot like Grandpa Larry in this picture.

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Toques from Gaye

Last summer Gaye gave Blake a cool new hat to take back to China with us called a Pook Toque that was designed by a guy from St Marys.  We all decided to get one. This week has been so chilly we needed them! *sigh* Last weekend we were in shorts and t-shirts in Hong … Continue reading »

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Hong Kong with the Buxtons!!!

I heart Hong Kong. Scott took the Varsity girls rugby team to a tournament, Blake and I decided to tag along and I’m so glad we did!! HK is warmer, cleaner and less spitty and smoky than Shanghai.  Also, I was there for three whole days and didn’t see one person litter or go to … Continue reading »

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Hide and Go Seek

A favorite game around the Hossack house is Hide and Seek.  It’s become a lot more interesting lately because Blake does some hiding now, before he was all about the finding. He hasn’t found any really great hiding spots yet. This is his favorite: When it’s his turn to hide, he runs over to the … Continue reading »

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Happy Halloween from the Hossacks

Batman reads some books early in the morning. Batman rides the bus to school, pointing out every tree, bicycle, motor scooter, flower, taxi, bus, car and truck. Batman does some drawing with Ling Ling in mom’s classroom. Happy Halloween from two Batmen and a Ladybug.

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