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Monthly Archives: December 2009

My Little Monkey

This kid of mine is so awesome!  Seriously, he’s one of those kids that you meet and say, ‘Wait, I had no idea that kids were this awesome.’ He is sweetness.  He is wonderful.  He knocks me off my feet every single day. How did I get so lucky??

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A Day at the Zoo

Last summer, Peg, Scott, Blake and I went to the Toronto Zoo.  It was a lot of fun, but Blake was more interested in the planes overhead and the insects on the ground than the animals in their enclosures.  This visit, just 6 months later, Blake was so much more aware of everything around him.  … Continue reading »

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At the beach

Another glorious day in NZ.  Another fear conquered.  Today Blake went in the sea (sort of) VOLUNTARILY!!!  Scott tricked him by throwing stones and getting closer and closer to the water.  Soon enough, he was in up to his shorts having a grand time chucking rocks. A plane?  A helicopter?  A bird?  Could be any … Continue reading »

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Merry Christmas #2

Christmas #1 rocked. Christmas #2 has been pretty fantastic too.  The sky was blue and clear and the temperature was hot! Instead of unwrapping pressies and staying inside, we chased ducks and ate ice cream. The day started out fabulous with Blake giving us the best gift ever!  He slept in until 7:30!!!  Next we … Continue reading »

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Sprinkler Fun

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Summer Days

Enjoying the weather and the beach in Takapuna.  Lovely Some holiday pics thus far… Playing in Shephard’s Park. ‘Swimming’ at Terry’s school pool, which is the perfect depth for us. Relaxing, watching Shawn the Sheep with a yummy ice block.

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Cars, cars, cars!

The neighbor boys are 18 and 15 years old.  They kindly brought over an old bucket of cars for Blake to play with. Blake held up each one and asked, “What’s that?” and waited until you described it to him. Can you see how many cars are in that bucket???  It took awhile. A little … Continue reading »

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Captain Courageous

This time last year Blake was terrified of the beach, sand, Santa, vacuum cleaners and sprinklers.  But he’s another year older and starting to get a bit braver. When we arrived in NZ my friend Terry announced that he had built a sand pit in his garden for Blake. Here’s what I said:  “Wow, Ter!! … Continue reading »

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New Zealand Here We Come!!!!

It’s Friday morning in Shanghai.  We are packed and ready to go!  The whole family is going to school and from there the airport!! One million hours later (that’s what it feels like) we land in Auckland where the weather forecast is predicting blue skies and warm weather. In addition to friends, summer, and fish … Continue reading »

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Merry Christmas (#1)

Today our little family celebrated our Shanghai Christmas.  We woke up and all the Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, and Grandpa presents were wrapped under the tree. It was very EXCITING. Christmas with a wee one is so fun, because every present is the best thing ever and he’s happy to stop after each one and play, … Continue reading »

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