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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Skyping with the Fam

Oh, I love this baby. Missing you, little gunner!

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Mommy’s in Thailand

Should I stay or should I go??? A few months ago I got a chance to go to attend a tech conference in Bangkok.  I expressed interest on the wiki, but really wondered if I could ever actually get on a plane and leave Blake.  How could I ever leave that gorgeous boy for an … Continue reading »

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Fun in the ball pit

Blake is a big fan of the ball pit.  Those are balls dropping on our heads in the picture.  On our most recent trip to our favorite indoor playground Blake lay down on the floor of the pit with 5 or 6 rows of balls above him and laughed and laughed.  He got stepped on … Continue reading »

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It’s very serious business.

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Spot the difference

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Happy Birthday

My sweet Blakie, You’re two!!  You’re two!!  It is a little unbelievable that you are TWO!  You are my baby and you are also my little boy.  Can a year really have gone by since I wrote your last birthday post?  Can it really be two years since we brought you home from the hospital … Continue reading »

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Chillin’ with Big Pig

Who is Big Pig? I hear you asking…. Welllll……For four amazing Shanghai years we shared the ninth floor with the Williams family. I always say we won the housing lottery when we first moved here. They became our good, good friends.  The kind of friends that sit with you when you are bawling your eyes … Continue reading »

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Today’s the Day…

The cake has been frosted The brownies are baked. Chips and pretzels are in their bowls. Fruit and veggies have been cut up. There are cookies in the oven. It’s almost time for the birthday party!! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!!!

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The Eleventh

Today is January 11th.  School ends on June 11th.  That means we fly home on June 11th, only 5 months away. I went to Widgetbox to create a countdown for the blog.  151 days seems a lot longer than 5 months. Still, we are on the other side of Christmas and there are some big … Continue reading »

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Reading Together

Playdates are the best thing ever! The kids get to play with, or at least near, each other.  The grown ups get to talk to other grown ups about all sorts of things, including how great their kids are.  And we have two supremely great kids.  Ben and Blake are two of the best guys … Continue reading »

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