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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Cabin Fever

Blake has been indoors almost exclusively for the last five days.  Mostly, because he was either crying, sleeping or behaving like a lethargic slug.  Not his fault, the poor little guy was as sick as could be. The only upside of all that yucky fever was a LOT of snuggles and cuddles.  Of course, it … Continue reading »

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Fever Watch – Day 4

Last night, after four days of fever, which means four days of broken sleep in 2-3 hour chunks, the big gunner slept.  And slept and slept and slept! I think we’ve turned a corner. We’re hoping that means that he has some energy today, and maybe some appetite and some of that wonderful Blakie spark … Continue reading »

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It’s good to be home

We had a great time in Bangkok, but Blake is pretty happy to be back in his own space with his own toys.  We’re pretty happy to be back, too.  Shanghai put on a spectacular day for our homecoming – warm temps, sun shining and bluish skies.  We played outside and inside.  Here Blake is … Continue reading »

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A few pics from Bangkok

Wow! Bangkok is hot really hot.  And the sidewalks SUCK!  That meant carrying Blake almost everywhere we went.  The thought of carrying Blake, a bag (with snacks, nappies, money, etc, etc) AND my camera all seemed too much. Plus my camera is acting frustratingly crappy these days.  So big apologies for not many pictures.  It … Continue reading »

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Stickers and Balls

Blake loves stickers!  We discovered this on the plane to NZ at Christmas time.  There was a sheet of stickers in the little free baggie they give to kids full of crayons, puzzles and …. STICKERS!  They kept Blake busy for ages.  I hope the people who live here after us like stickers.  I keep … Continue reading »

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Boom, Boom, BOOM!!!

Xian Nian Kuai Le!  Here comes the Year of the Tiger! It’s kind of hard to believe but, this is our fifth Chinese New Year in China, and every year I am completely blown away by the incredible beauty and sheer number of fireworks we see and hear.  I remember our first year vividly – … Continue reading »

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Guess Who’s 40?

Happy Birthday Scooter, my love.

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Good times

Shanghai winter is a bit of blah, really.  Cold, but not snowy, wet and dull. Thankfully, it’s pretty short by Canadian standards.  December, January and February suck, but then spring comes again. We spend a lot of time inside during these months and our favorite playground has an awesome, cool slide right into the ball … Continue reading »

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All Boy

Some friends of ours are about to have a baby and they don’t know what it is.  How people wait to find out is something I just don’t understand.  If somebody else has that information, like a doctor, then I must have that information.  That’s just the way I roll. She’s gigantically fat and he’s … Continue reading »

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When it comes to colouring…

Blake is an all or nothing kind of guy. He either uses only one colour or insists on using every colour in the tin.  Every crayon or every marker or every pencil, or every shade of paint. I love watching him concentrate on his artwork.  He is amazing. We call this little beauty, ‘I like … Continue reading »

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