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Monthly Archives: May 2010


We’ve been doing a lot of packing up lately.  It’s been good – we’ve tossed out or given away a ton of crap – I mean stuff.  Between the two of us we donated about 2 cubic meters of clothing.  Canadian shopping malls, HERE WE COME! We’re getting ready for the move to the Links … Continue reading »

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I haven’t posted any photos on the blog lately because I have been crazy busy.  But also because how many pictures of a boy in a sand pit or a boy on a slide can you really post?  It gets a little bit redundant after a while. Unless that boy happens to be the very … Continue reading »

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Things I’m looking forward to…

in no particular order I am looking forward to summer for the following reasons: Hearns hot dogs and ice cream cakes biking the river road hill (I’m going to ride all the way up the hill this year – I swear) Pat’s rhubarb squares; Pat’s rhubarb anything Time with grandparents and the free babysitting they … Continue reading »

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Summer Plans

We arrive in Ontario on June 11th.  Yahoo! Yahoo!  Yahoo! On June 19th Brett and I are competing in a sprint triathlon in Guelph. I’m pretty excited about it.  And slightly terrified. The last two Fridays I have been doing my own triathlon over the course of the day.  I get up at 4:45am and … Continue reading »

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First Bouncy Castle Ever

Blake started watching the bouncy castle as soon as we got to Scott’s rugby game. We waited and waited and waited so patiently, but there was always a bunch of big kids playing there in a very fun, but too rough for toddlers way. As Scott started warming up for his game, Blake grabbed my … Continue reading »

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Dull Knives

I have been looking for our knife sharpener forever!  We have the dullest knives on the block.  Last time I was at IKEA I bought a second knife sharpener and that also went missing.  It was such a mystery. Then I found one this afternoon. There it is in the tool box.  Beside the rainstick … Continue reading »

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There is a pair of orange, jack-o-lantern sunglasses that have been kicking around our toy area forever.  I don’t know where they came from or who they belong to, but they are there and from time to time they get pulled out and played with.  Sometimes the game is to try to put them on … Continue reading »

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Cracking up

Blake is a happy guy and he loves to laugh.  On the weekend we bought some presents for a little girl’s birthday party.  We rode our bikes to the party and this hula hoop simply didn’t fit, so it stayed at home and has become part of Blake’s hoard now.  After school Blake asked Scott … Continue reading »

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Looooooooooong Weekend

About a month ago the Shanghai government gave us a big gift. They turned our three day May holiday weekend into a five day weekend to celebrate the opening of Expo 2010. Not only do we have a five day weekend, but so far it has been three of the nicest days we’ve seen since … Continue reading »

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