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Monthly Archives: June 2010

The Trestle Bridge

A brisk evening walk across the trestle bridge with my two favorite boys in the world. Oh how I love those blue, blue skies!

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Delivering the mail

Grandma and Grandpa have a mailbox hidden deep inside a cedar hedge.  You have to look pretty hard to find it.  Not surprisingly, Blake found it, and after he found it, he opened and closed the mailbox door 8,000 times.  Then he decided to take some of his artwork off the fridge and put that … Continue reading »

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Splash Pad

Today we took a trip to the local splash pad to play with a little friend. We learned that Blake is becoming less afraid of waterparks – there is hope for us yet, and the boy loves to climb.  Okay, we didn’t learn that second one, we’ve known that for a while. First some water … Continue reading »

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My Peeps

This blog talks a lot about Blake.  He’s the reason we set it up, he’s the absolute center of our lives, and I love chronicling his comings and goings, ups and downs, quirks and milestones for friends and family to read and share.  From time to time, Scott or I do something worth writing about … Continue reading »

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The Dentist

We took Blake to the dentist today for the first time ever. They ask you to fill out a form on the way in that has questions about general health, allergies, vaccinations, and also things like:  How well do you think he will sit in the chair? The multiple choice answers on that one range … Continue reading »

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First Library Card!!

Blake got his first library card this morning. We had great fun at the library.  Blake played with all the toys, sat on all the fun seats and spent some quality time with dad at the jr literacy computer station.  There was even a dragon to climb on! I began to wonder if he would … Continue reading »

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Ice Cream

What happens when you try to eat the cone first? The ice cream goes right up your nose!

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Today I did my first ever sprint triathlon at Guelph Lake.  750m swimming, 20km biking, and 5km running.  It was long and it was hard, but I did it and I feel great.  It was sold out – at least 600 men and women were competing. The swim was tough – all those bodies churn … Continue reading »

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Farmers Market

Every Saturday we head to the St Marys Farmers Market to buy fresh fruits, veggies, baking and breakfast. This is a picture from last summer: Things have changed slightly. No matter how we get there, the breakfast is always delicious!

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Summertime Fun

Today we pulled out the little pool, filled it and then Blake used it to water the flowers and grass and climbed in and out of it 300 times.  Who says you have to swim in a pool to make it fun. Hi Sarah and Hollyce. My camera is a Canon 550D digital SLR. I … Continue reading »

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