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Monthly Archives: September 2010

What a day!

One of the neatest things about living overseas is when you get the chance to show off your new home city to friends from your old home town.  It doesn’t happen nearly as often as I like, but it is special when it does. Yesterday a tour swept through Shanghai bringing some Kleinburg friends.  They … Continue reading »

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Everybody loves ACDC

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Hiking on Yangshan Island

Yesterday was our Mid Autumn Festival holiday.  It came smack dab in the middle of the week and we had a Wednesday holiday.  So fun!  A bunch of teachers went on a SISU hike on Yangshan Island.  Yangshan Island is about 100km away from downtown Pudong.  Almost 40 km of that is a huge bridge, … Continue reading »

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Boy in the Bath

Bath time is a favorite time of day.  Sadly, they don’t happen everyday – not even close, because bath time takes a long, long time.  We need at least a 45 minute chunk of time available before books and bedtime to start the bath.  All too often we let the pool, a quick wash or … Continue reading »

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Lucky, Lucky, Lucky ME!!

On Friday I went to a Tech Conference in Jinqiao.  On Friday night I went to the pub with lots of friends and thought why waste money and time on dinner when I can drink grapefruit juice and vodka instead.  Right about now you’re probably thinking I should have titled this post Stupid, Stupid, Stupid … Continue reading »

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Today was the PTSA welcome back BBQ.  Blake and I have been to three together.  A big chubby almost walking Blake, a toddling Blake and an I want to go on every ride and play every game Blake.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we had a super fun time together.  To start we … Continue reading »

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We love Kathy!!

One of my closest friends in Shanghai is Kathy.  She is amazing.  A good friend and a wonderful educator.  I love her because she is such a good friend to me AND my whole family.  Blake adores her.  He calls her White because Kathy is a bit too tricky to say.  Kath is on the … Continue reading »

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Rugby Fun

A few Saturdays ago we went to watch Scott play rugby at the new, work in progress, Shanghai Rugby Club.  It was incredibly hot so thankfully Blake found a shady place.  He ran up and down INSIDE the sideline advertising markers.  The rugby field is about 100 meters long and Blake ran up it down … Continue reading »

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Two great buddies playing with blocks. I love when Bauer and Blake play together.  Bauer is 5 months older than Blake and foot and a half taller (not really, but a bunch) and he is the gentlest, smiliest boy ever.  We are extremely lucky to have so many wonderful friends around us.

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Blake and Ben, Ben and Blake.  These two buddies can often be found playing together. I won’t lie to you, it isn’t always sunshine and roses. But sometimes it is. Sometimes they don’t want to play with exactly the same toy in exactly the same minute. Sometimes they do want to play together, not in … Continue reading »

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