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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Hi Smiley

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Thanksgiving at the Hossacks

A three day weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving is as good an excuse as any to open up our doors and invite all our Links neighbours over for a potluck Thanksgiving brunch.  Some friends were traveling, but most were here and able to join us. There was a ridiculous amount of yummy food, which somehow all … Continue reading »

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As promised

Scotty’s black eye. Nice one, huh??

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Family Baking Day

Phew – this is my fourth post today – I almost feel caught up on the blog. Here we are making sugar cookies getting ready for all our Thanksgiving parties.  Spatula in one hand, cookie cutter in the other.

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Ling Bai Village

Our home is in a gated community.  Outside the gates is a small migrant village.  It’s a nice, inexpensive place to buy some of the food and drink we consume.  Beer and pop for example, are a fraction of the price that they are in an import grocery store. Blake and I head in from … Continue reading »

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Touch Football

It’s Thanksgiving Friday. Blake and I spent the morning at the zoo, all three of us spent the afternoon playing/watching touch football and we spent the evening gorging on turkey and all the fixings.  I’m thankful for a lot of things, and one of them is having TWO Thanksgivings to celebrate with friends, reflect on … Continue reading »

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Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Is this what comes to mind when you think of zoos in Asia? Me either. I think brown or gray, I think crowded, I think nasty. But today Blake and I hit the road early for the Shanghai Wild Animal Park and it was brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant. First of all let me say I am … Continue reading »

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Most days I’ll pack up and leave school around 3:30 and meet Blake at home so that Ling Ling has time to get on her 3:40 bus. Some days if I am running late or just very lucky I will hear the sounds of little feet, or a little voice in the hall or at … Continue reading »

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It’s a mystery to me…

Many of you probably know that Blake is a late talker.  He has always communicated so well in other ways that his late talking has never seemed like that big a deal to Scott and I.  Actually, that’s not true, there have been lots of worries and even a few tears shed because I desperately … Continue reading »

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