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Monthly Archives: December 2010


We arrived in Chiang Mai and took a walk around the city.  Blake lasted about 10 minutes before he completely crashed right up on my shoulders. We are really struggling with napping/no napping these days.  A nap means a late night and no nap means an early crash.  What to do?  What to do?

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I yike dis elephant ride!

We spent the last day of 2010 with the elephants in the jungle north of Chiang Mai.  It was a fantastic way to finish up a pretty great year!  It was called Thai Elephant Home and I can highly recommend it to anyone in the area. We had to wear this crazy denim gear.  At … Continue reading »

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Patchy internet in Laos

Okay, things are quite dodgy internet-wise in Laos.  I’ve spent the last few hours trying to post with and without pictures and I managed only one.  Arrggh!  I was able to get some pictures up on Facebook if you are dying to see what we are up to.  Most of them will make it here … Continue reading »

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How you doing?

We are having a wonderful Christmas holiday with Tony and Sharon.  Everything about Laos is awesome.  The weather – cool by Lao standards, but perfect for us.  The fruit – the stall across the street sells the juiciest pineapple ever.  The blue, blue skies and the amazing sunshine.  Not to mention great friends and wonderful … Continue reading »

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Christmas Day in Laos

When you are in the tropics it can be easy to forget it’s Christmas.  But not when you are at the Dents.  Sharon and Tony do Christmas right.  Beautiful decorations, lots of yummy food and treats.  And…presents galore! Fun and practical stocking stuffers. Blake was a terrific helper in his super styly new back pack. … Continue reading »

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Visiting with Shaz and Tony

After 24 hours of travel we have arrived in Laos with Sharon and Tony Dent and we are sooooo happy to be here.  The weather is hot and sunny and the company is amazing. We visited their school this morning and it was so nice and open – it made us feel a bit homesick … Continue reading »

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Getting ready

Blake got some new earphones for the flight to Thailand & Laos.  One step closer to dear friends and warm weather. Bring it on!

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This morning we woke up to learn that Santa had come to the Hossack house a few days early. Blake woke up like usual at the not quite crack of dawn. He gave us our big morning cuddles and sweet morning message of “Mished you Mama, Mished you Dada.” Then he crawled up into a … Continue reading »

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Classroom Play

We’ve got some lovely extra time on our hands these days.  School has finished up and we don’t leave for our vacation for several days.  Today while I cleaned up my classroom – I just couldn’t get around to it yesterday – Blake stayed with me.  Sometimes he makes more messes than I clean, but … Continue reading »

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It’s snowing in Shanghai! “And as any child can tell you there’s something magic about the first snow.” That’s from the intro to Frosty the Snowman which Scott and Blake are watching it in the other room as I type! This is technically Blake’s second snow.  The first was when he was about 2 weeks … Continue reading »

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