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Monthly Archives: January 2011

What I Want

My friend Sarah and I were talking about our super amazing kids the other day.  Twice in the conversation I said something like “What I want for Blake is…”  And it got me thinking about all the things I want for my beautiful boy. So here it is, a list of what I want.  It’s … Continue reading »

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Ahhh Vacation

Well it’s been three weeks since our last vacation so we definitely need another break.  HA!  It’s nice to be a teacher in the international system! We started our 9 day holiday with a terrific outing with terrific friends and took the big gunner bowling for the first time. A lot of our balls ended … Continue reading »

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Date with Dad

For my money, SAS Pudong Elementary is an amazing school any day of the week.  But some days it becomes even greater than great. Friday afternoon was a special event called A Date with Dad.  The organizers hoped for 100 people, expected 50 people and were shocked to the core when over 290 dads and … Continue reading »

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Birthday Party

Some pictures from the Blake’s party. My first kids party as a mom.  I have a lot to learn, but things went pretty well.  It was a construction themed party.  We invited all the kids from the Links grade one and under – that’s a lot but the more the merrier, right?  All the websites … Continue reading »

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Three years old!

Blakie, you are three years old today. Happy Birthday to YOU my amazing, crazy, wonderful kid. There are about 65,000,000 things I love about you and it is my plan to spend the rest of my life explaining how proud I am of you, how amazed I am by you, and how incredibly happy I … Continue reading »

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Some friends came over tonight for some cake for Blake’s birthday. The cake was yummy, the company was great, the kids had a brilliant time.  It’s good to be three. Actually, Blake is having a hard time saying good bye to the twos.  He really doesn’t like to admit that he’s turning three.  I think … Continue reading »

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Almost 3!!

We made a cake for Blake’s birthday tomorrow. It was messy and fun and messy.  Blake had his first cake batter beater. YUM! This is the face Blake makes when you ask him to smile.

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Speech, glorious speech

Frankly, I’m beginning to think this talking thing may be over rated. The other day I blogged about some words Blake has trouble saying. Today I’d like to tell you about some words he can say perfectly, flawlessly, amazingly and very, very frequently. Bum bum. Yep, he says bum bum a lot.  He may be … Continue reading »

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Would you like an affle-dom?

Blake has begun to speak more and more and he’s getting easier to understand all the time.  Three weeks of vacation with mom and dad AND Sharon were just what his developing communication skills needed. But everyday there are still words and phrases that I can not understand.  Over the break Blake began talking about … Continue reading »

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Last Day in Thailand

For our last day in northern Thailand we went on a bike trip.  Blake was a trooper.  He rode on Scott’s bike all day and didn’t complain a bit.  At each stop he found something to do – a rickety old playground at a temple, his cars and a swing at lunch, and ice cream … Continue reading »

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