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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Living the Good Life

Swimming up to the bar for a glass of watermelon juice… Sitting in the lounger eating crackers… Enjoying long, full days with the whole family… Cracking up at one of your friend’s jokes… Life is gooooooooood.  

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Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Blake and I spent the morning at the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park.  It was close, small and inexpensive so I forked over the extra 30c for a train ride.  Blake really liked the train ride.  A LOT. He would exit the train, look at the animals for 20 seconds and then rush back to his … Continue reading »

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Men of the Forest

This morning we visited an orangutan rehabilitation center.  We were greeted at the bottom by these geese. They were NOT happy to see us and honked and hissed loudly and aggressively.  I had to pick Blake up to walk by, and I was a bit nervous myself.  This guy was very friendly and welcoming, though. … Continue reading »

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Blake and the Sea

The words Water Baby have never really described Blake. UNTIL NOW! I bet he’s spent as much time in the water in the last two days as he has in his life. Blake and his buds: Alison, Mata, Kalani, Maeva, Beth, Sarah. “My no need your help anymore, Mama.” Way to go kiddo!    

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Slip sliding away

This photo is from last summer. That was the one and only time Blake went down that puny slide because it terrified him.  The rest of our swims there he flat out refused to ride it at all. This video was taken today.  How far we’ve come! My cinematographer accidentally cuts Blake’s head off in … Continue reading »

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Borneo – Day 1 Sand, Sea and Rocks

ahhh Spring Break, I love you so much.

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Not in Shanghai

Can you tell? Just look at that sky! We are in Kota Kinabalu for the EARCOS teacher’s conference.  Three days of workshops and key notes about the job I love with teachers I respect and admire.  Can’t wait.  

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Works of Art

Lately we have been doing a lot of art around here.  Blake is always up for a painting or gluing or coloring or drawing session.  I love each and every piece of art he makes, but I don’t love the idea of keeping them all in the house (I had a major clean out today) … Continue reading »

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where the heck are my pots?

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights last week I searched everywhere for my smaller sauce pans.  One day I reheated a can of Campbells Tomato soup in a chili pot.  I changed plans two nights and searched every cupboard in the kitchen, laundry room and anywhere else I could think of it. I finally thought to … Continue reading »

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My best helper

Blake is in love with the photocopiers at our school. I’m a little in love with them myself – they are amazing! He loves to press the buttons and see the papers come out.

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