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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Stay at Home Mom

Ling Ling was sick today so I brought Blake to school with me til about eleven. It was partly fun having him there and partly exhausting. That’s just too many people needing my full attention in one room. This afternoon Blake and I played together at home. It was sixteen different kinds of awesome. Normally … Continue reading »

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Blueberries for dessert

Blake had blueberries for dessert.  A LOT of blueberries. Have you ever seen such a handsome boy with blue teeth in all your life?

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Water Play

After an unusual week weather wise, we had a hot, hot, hot sunny Sunday. YIKES! not enough sunscreen was applied and the shortest member of our family got a bit of sunburn. It sure was fun, though! Scott got out the slip and slide to give it a wash, and the neighborhood dropped by for … Continue reading »

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I am lucky, lucky, lucky

6:30am this morning.

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Snails, Snails, Snails

I mentioned to my friend Tracy that Blake loves to roll out dough and use cookie cutters (both real and the play variety) – what 3 year old doesn’t? – and she loaned us a small fraction of her awesome stash of cookie cutters.  She has a collection and every summer she goes to a … Continue reading »

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The Hiatus

Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but in case I haven’t mentioned it here before, and I know I have, I have been feeling like crap for a long time.  By long time, I mean about 10 days, which is long, long time when you feel like rubbish.  Blogging has been the last … Continue reading »

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Three cheers for the ipad!!!

Our house has been the house of sickness and lethargy for about a week and a half now.  It ripped through the big gunner and then me, and neither one of us is yet 100%.  There’s been some serious down time around here.  You know what’s perfect for down time?  The ipad.  I love the … Continue reading »

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Blake at the Dr

Blake: Hello Dr Yun, dis my mommy Amy. (Blake is very big into introductions these days, Dis my ayi Ying Ying, Dis my daddy Ott, etc, etc) Dr Yun:  Hello Blake.  Why have you come to see me today? Blake:  I have dis bad cough. (insert two fake coughs here.) Dr Yun:  Your mommy said … Continue reading »

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Playing with cones is fun

I tried so hard to post mid week, but once again this week has slipped away from me.  But I don’t mind that time is flying by.  That gets us one weekend closer to home.  My friend Kimbra sends emails with a daily countdown.  I think today was 37 days to go.  If I had … Continue reading »

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Happy Mother’s Day To Me

We started our day at Julie’s Canadian Food experience for yummy, yummy blueberry pancakes. Ooooh that photo is too dark. Then we made a little boy very happy by visiting at the Shanghai Science and Tech Museum. On to the Children’s Area for some hands on science. AWESOME!  

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