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Monthly Archives: June 2011

First day in the pool

and it was chilly. Very, very chilly. Ready to go. It looks like Blake could use a haircut.  In fact, all three of us need a haircut and one of us desperately needs her roots dyed.  But it so pleasant to have the time to do it.  Ahh summer, I love you so.

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Tree Climbing at Grandma and Grandpas

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Blake and I have done some extensive research on the subject.  Through much trial and error we have decided that Gazillion bubbles are the most consistently good bubbles we have tried. I put it on the list of things to pick up and then Auntie Reta gave Blake the biggest bottle ever! And there’s nothing … Continue reading »

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Blake and I had some extra time in Kleinburg with my mom and dad this summer.  It was very nice. Lots of walks and fish feeding occurred. A train ride was promised.  We got a little lost, but Mr Map Reader helped us out. Sadly, his mother can’t read, or doesn’t know her months, or … Continue reading »

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Spartan Race

Last Sunday (a day and a half after we arrived from Shanghai) Scott participated in the Spartan 5km obstacle race in Milton, Ontario.  2,500 competitors gathered for an amazing event full of running, jumping, climbing, dragging, and carrying through mud, ice and fire. Scott did amazing!!! My dad, Brett, Blake and I went to cheer … Continue reading »

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Knights and Bubbles

Blake went to a birthday party today.  The theme was knights.  He came home with a sword shaped bubble wand and looking just as cute as can be in this adorable costume that was made from a pillow case.  Some people are so clever.  There was jousting, searching for treasure, dragon hunting and even some … Continue reading »

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Naked Blaked

A few days ago Blake and I made some peanut butter balls, which were shaped like peanut butter pancakes, but yummy nonetheless.  So yummy that I wanted to share them with the neighbours rather than eat them all in one go.  It was quite late and Blake was either pre bath or post bath naked, … Continue reading »

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Some more amazing Blakie artwork

We are still busy building words around here.  Thank you Word World! Some family portraits… “Mom in a box” “Daddy in the box” Some funky DVD fishes we saw on I should have waited til the glue dried on this one. And always lots and lots of paintings.  Today while I was getting the … Continue reading »

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A Day at Life Hub

Today was a rainy, rainy day.  We jumped on the Links Shuttle Bus and headed for Jinqiao Life Hub, a local mall.  It has a neat kids area with cool slides.  After an hour in the slides we headed for the arcade part of the mall for a few games.  Some air hockey, whack-a-mole type … Continue reading »

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Weekends Away

I spent the weekend in Hong Kong with some fantastic friends.  It was my second time away from Blake.  It was hard to leave, and I thought I would feel sad and awful all weekend long.  I didn’t.  I had an absolutely brilliant time, and so did Blake and his daddy. Although I was not … Continue reading »

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