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Monthly Archives: August 2011

My wonderful boy

Me: Blake, why are you crying? Blake (wailing): Because water is coming out of my eyes!! ***** Me:  Good night, kiddo Blake:  No thank you.  I’m going to stay up forever. ***** After coming home from school one afternoon while Scott was coaching. Blake:  Hi Amy, where’s Hotty? The ‘sc’ sound still eludes us.  

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Throwing a Water Balloon

How about that concentrating face! He’s a big fan of throwing water balloons, but not so fond of picking up all the itty bitty balloon pieces afterward. And he got it right in the target!

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Phew!  I have been trying to get something up on the blog for about a week now, but life is full and busy!  We are teaching, playing, swimming, riding and, strangely for me, the very last thing I feel like doing after work is pulling out my computer and doing anything at all, including blogging.  … Continue reading »

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And the rains came…

We don’t normally have a river flowing through our backyard.  We do, however, often see a little white butt running through there. It was a mighty storm!

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Seaside “Resort”

We live on the South China Sea and just down the road from us is a Seaside Resort.  We visited for the first time the other day and it was packed! Blake and his girls: Anika, Wrenzi, Blake and Roxy Blake and his ring: though the real reason I took this pic was because of … Continue reading »

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Back to it

We’re back in Shanghai.  Back at work.  Back to school.  You can tell because the blog posts are not nearly as interesting or as frequent as before.  Ahhhh summer – I love you so.  A wonderful break to do gazillions of fun things, relax, chill with family and our full time job is to just … Continue reading »

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What a difference a year makes

Much, much braver now. Getting wet all over!  Running through the water jets!  Using his butt to block the squirter!  Last year he was more of a walk around the edge of the splash pad kind of guy, but now he is all in.  Way to go kiddo!

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A Day at Wonderland

We woke up on our last full day in Canada and it was cloudy and rain was threatening.  We thought we might spend a few hours at Canada’s Wonderland – miss the crowds and not melt in the scorching hot sun.  It was a brilliant day.  We stayed about 5 hours.  First we hit all … Continue reading »

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Nana and Blake

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Blake doesn’t get all the rides

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