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Monthly Archives: September 2011


For the last six months or so Blake has been kind of into rainbows.  Or maybe it’s been longer – like since the lovely and talented Ms Soon Ok had her trash rainbow up last year.  Wow!!  I just jumped over to Soon Ok’s class blog to check the web address and the pictures were … Continue reading »

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Our friends down the road have the biggest trampoline in China.  It is huge!  And it bounces really really high.  I know because I go on it a lot and it is wicked fun. Blake is also a big fan of Wrenzi’s tramp. Look at that sky!  We are having a beautiful late summer in … Continue reading »

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Blake licked the bowl on the weekend when we made brownies. He kind of reminds me of the bad guy from Rocky and Bullwinkle.

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Date With Dad

 Tonight was Date with Dad at our school.  It was EXCELLENT!!  199 dads and almost 300 kids, it was an enormous event!  Scott did a brilliant job of organizing the sporty side of things.  I went along as a photographer and took my little man with me.  There were tons of fun things to do … Continue reading »

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The boy who writes his name everywhere

Here we can see his handiwork on our cafeteria menu board.

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Baby’s got pink eye!

we think… maybe… um… something’s up, but we’re not sure exactly what… Blake’s been fighting something all week.  Low grade fevers, whiny personality, no appetite, interrupted sleeping patterns… nothing to freak out about, but not 100%, and definitely not normal.  Is he sick or simply exhausted and grumpy? On Thursday Blake began school and a … Continue reading »

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Happy 100th Birthday SAS

SAS did it again! We celebrated our Founders’ Day today – 100 years of Shanghai American School – and it rocked.  Old fashioned games, old fashioned costumes, yummy treats and red, white and blue as far as the eye could see.  Early Childhood had a 100th birthday party for SAS complete with 100 cupcakes, and … Continue reading »

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Another zinger

Yesterday Blake asked me why people say, “You well bum,” after someone says thank you to them. You try answering that question with a straight face!

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games, games, games, and more games

Blake is a board game playing fanatic.  He’s crazy about them! Here he’s playing Dog Dice in my classroom.  At home you can OFTEN find us playing Hi Ho Cherry Oh, or the Phonics Fishing Game (which is not as boring as the name suggests), snakes and ladders, Thomas’ snakes and train tracks or, everybody’s … Continue reading »

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So much fun

I think three and a half might be the greatest age ever.  Some days my life feels like a Family Circus cartoon.  Some things I heard around the house today.   Blake:  OH NO!!! There are hiccups (pronounced hip hups) in my belly and they are coming out of my mouth!!!!!!! & Blake:  Amy, do … Continue reading »

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