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Monthly Archives: January 2012


Blake’s birthday party was today and it was wonderful!! Blake asked for a dinosaur party, so dinosaur party we had.  Each kid got a fossil hunting kit and we spent lots of time using our tools searching through the dirt for dinos and fossils and special gems.  We also played dinosaur egg and spoon races, … Continue reading »

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A day at IKEA means furniture to assemble.  I had two very special helpers.  When these guys are around, things are a lot of fun.

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Xin Nian Quai Le

It’s hard to believe we’ve seen seven Chinese New Year’s celebrations.  Each one amazing, bright, colourful and loud.  All over China, all over the world, millions of Chinese families have come together to feast, set off fireworks to ward off bad luck, shoo away the bad spirits from last year, and welcome the new year … Continue reading »

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Rolling in the Mat Room

A cold day in Shanghai. A warm play in the mat room. Funniest thing Blake said today:  Chickens lay eggs.  Cows lay milk.  

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Birthday Goodies

Birthday pressies: concentration Blake busted into this geology kit straight away and started mining for gems.  He didn’t stop until he had them all.  The little safety glasses are a crack up.  In big letters along the top it says, “Just a toy:  these will not protect you from anything.” These are some stick up … Continue reading »

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Ling Ling

We are so lucky to have Ling Ling in our lives.

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Hey Blakie, Today you are four years old!  I’m not quite sure how that happened.  There are parts of that day four years ago that I remember with perfect clarity and parts that are a crazy blur.  I remember the nurse putting your little head (who are we kidding, even on the first day of … Continue reading »

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Last Canada Pics

We had a wonderful, wonderful time.  Tree climbing, going for walks and visiting our little yellow house which looks absolutely lovely in the snow.

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I think we went skating 3 times over Christmas break.  Maybe 4.  Each time Blake was a little more confident, a little bit braver and a little bit steadier on his feet.  It’s pretty amazing how fast kids learn things. By the time we left St Marys, Blake felt he was ready to play for … Continue reading »

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Getting Ready

We haven’t written much here in the last few days. We’ve been trying to get our time turned around after a wonderful winter holiday in Canada, fighting off colds and flus and getting ready for a very special birthday later on this week. On Thursday BLAKE TURNS FOUR!!!!  I’m ‘shouting’ because it seems very difficult … Continue reading »

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