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Monthly Archives: February 2012


It gets dark around here pretty early these days and there’s quite a lot of indoor time.  Tonight Blake was super helpful and helped me make almost the whole dinner.  His favorite thing is using the can opener, but he’s quite fond of pressing microwave buttons and doing any chopping as well.  His knife is … Continue reading »

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Big Plans!

Scott was scheduled to be at a softball double header all day.  (He wasn’t – the other team didn’t show up – that’s a whole different story!) Blake and I had big plans for today.  Big Plans.  But then we woke up and it was kind of cold and kind of gross out and we … Continue reading »

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Confession time…

We asked Teacher Mena to fill in a confidential report about Blake for his application to SAS and send it to the school.  She returned it to us and asked us to hand it in for her.  I probably should have tucked it into my bag and delivered it to our admissions department first thing … Continue reading »

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I’ve been trying to get this on video all week because it is cracking me up!  I don’t know why the video is yellow, but oh well… Blake is loving his harmonica these days.  He plays it all the time.  That’s fairly awesome in and of itself, but it’s what he says before he plays … Continue reading »

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Hooray for free passes

Blake and I visited the Kerry Parkside indoor playground.  This is the newest kid’s playground in Shanghai and it is ridiculously expensive.  It would cost us about $50 for a day pass for Blake, so we never go.  We’ve been once before while it was still brand new and charging much less to lure you … Continue reading »

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More Mat Room

Today was a beautiful, sunny day and we did spend a good chunk of time outside ‘watching’ Scotty’s Varsity Softball team kick butt in their first game of the season.  35 – 2!!  In four innings.  The sun shone, but the wind also howled and chilled us right to the bone.  After lunch we headed … Continue reading »

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Puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles

Since his first wooden chunk puzzle, Blake has always been into solving puzzles.  Jigsaws, mazes, hidden pictures… he likes them all.  I love watching how independent he’s become even as the puzzles have become more challenging.  Isn’t this a beautiful Dr Seuss puzzle?   Gaye gave it to us for Christmas.  Thanks Gaye!  We just love … Continue reading »

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Star of the Show?

While at the Science and Tech Museum, Blake put on a little show for the patrons. It included several songs and a little bit of dancing. It also included quite a lot of talking to the audience.  Here are some direct quotes: “Hey you guys, listen to me, LISTEN TO ME!!!” “Ladies and gentlemen and … Continue reading »

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Scotty’s B-day

While Scott was hard at work at a Master’s Course on his Birthday, Blake and I decided to celebrate for him by going to the Science and Technology Museum.  We were there for 5 hours!!! Off he goes…  We got there as it opened and were the first ones in! The mirror maze was a … Continue reading »

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My dad saves the day (again)

A while back we went to IKEA to buy bunk beds for the big gunner.  We picked up an extra book shelf as well to get our art room organized.  We brought it home and stuck in in the storage room and forgot about it until today. Blake and I set to putting it together.  … Continue reading »

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