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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Bangkok, Day 2

More of the same. Blissfully, joyfully, thankfully more of the same. Enjoying the Shangri-La breakfast buffet – we are spoiled! The watermelon (a Blake and Amy favorite) is AMAZING! There are a whole lot of people here that I love hanging out with! Sarah, Elaine, Emmy, Maliha, Scotty, the list goes on and on, but … Continue reading »

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We are at a teacher’s conference in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s hot! It’s gorgeous! We’re happy! We arrived here late last night and have spent all our waking hours thus far eating or swimming. Here are some first day pics: Lovely, lovely Thailand!

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Blake is signed up for toddler soccer and t-ball this summer.  I am so excited!  He and his daddy practiced this evening in the gym. I can not stop laughing at this face!! I asked Scott: Was he mad?  Was he frustrated? Nope.  He was just trying his hardest. Scott proudly reported that Blake can … Continue reading »

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Pet Rescue Fun Night

Tonight we went to the Pet Rescue Fun Night.  This was an event planned by one of our high school clubs.  It began as a movie night for kids, with a donation suggested for Jaiya Animal Rescue Center, and turned into a full fun night extravaganza.  There was a short movie, pet rock making, cookie … Continue reading »

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As many of you know I am married to one hell of a nice guy, and Blake has a really wonderful dad.  He’s away in Beijing and we miss him a lot. Scott’s working on his Masters right now and for one of his classes he had to write about himself and where he’s from. … Continue reading »

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Cloud Dough and Blindfolds

We mixed up some cloud dough this evening for my boy tonight.  It is a complete shock to me, and those who knew me as a child, that I gave birth to a kid that doesn’t love getting his hands dirty.  My sister loves to tell about the time I put on all her jewelry, … Continue reading »

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Apparently this is happening whether I am ready for it or not.  I have no doubts that Blake is ready, but me… I’m not so sure.

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A Birthday Party

We went to a friend’s birthday party today.  Blake was fighting a cold and he was not his regular self.  Mostly he sat or asked me to hold him.  That is very unusual behaviour! But he rallied a bit when the cake came out.  He was all about the cake. As I type this he’s … Continue reading »

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Blake’s First Year

I’ve been playing around in photoshop a lot lately.  I’ve mostly been working with pictures of Blake because that’s a lot more fun than doing the yearbook, which is probably what I should be doing. Anyway, I made a collage of his first year and sent it to a place called Canvas Pop to print … Continue reading »

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Favorite Daddies

According to Blake: “My favourite daddy is my daddy. Amy’s favourite daddy is Boppa. Daddy’s favourite daddy is Grandpa and Auntie Kathy’s favourite daddy is Brett.”

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