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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Let’s Go Blue Jays, Let’s Go!

Yes they did! Scott, Larry and I spent a FABULOUS day at the Dome watching the Blue Jays beat up on the LA Angels 11- 2. It was hot and it was sunny and it was amazing. We had terrific seats.  Probably the best I’ve ever sat in.  They were directly behind the Jays’ on … Continue reading »

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Campfire fun

Fire! Roasting Marshmallows! Sparklers! Tonight we had a wonderful campfire with our across the road neighbour friends in their beautiful riverfront backyard.

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Splish Splash

It seems there are splash pads everywhere, even near the dentist.  We are going to have to keep togs and towel in the car for unexpected water parks.  Today we stripped down to undies and went for it. We were at the dentist this morning.  Third year in a row that Blake has thrown up … Continue reading »

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New Blastball Pics

Tonights practice focused on over hand throwing and throwing to first.  It was kind of choppy.  Blake had three at bats and one play in the field, and then he was ready for a freezie pop and a rest.

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A Day at the Beach

We spent a gorgeous Tuesday at the beach today.  We visited Grand Bend, which is on Lake Huron, and way closer than I thought.  It took us maybe 45 min to get there.  Plus it was a gorgeous drive, so I think we will be heading back there some day soon. In this picture he’s … Continue reading »

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Tonight was Blake’s first soccer game. We were so excited that we arrived more than half an hour early.  After a play at the park to kill some time, we joined the others back at the soccer pitch. Blake’s team is light blue – the Blue Jays.  Hooray for not being yellow for this sport! … Continue reading »

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Scott is Amazing

Scott entered the 2012 Spartan Race this summer.  Last year it was 5 km, this year it was 7.  Last year there were 15 obstacles, this year there were 24.  He said it was TOUGH.  But super fun! Here are a few pics of him and his nephew Brett (and Brett’s girlfriend Kelly.)

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Another day, another splash pad

The Ontario summer has been scorching so far, and we have spent a little bit of every day by the water.  Pools, hoses and splash pads have provided a welcome respite from the heat.  I’m not complaining – we are loving every second of it. Tonight we met friends at the Stratford Lions Pool/Splash Pad. … Continue reading »

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At the rink

What a difference 6 months makes!  The last time Blake was on skates was Christmas time.  He was shaky and needed a lot of support.  But today he balanced beautifully.  He wasn’t getting anywhere in a hurry, but he stood on his own two feet and ‘skated’ all by himself. Most of the time… It … Continue reading »

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Blake is signed up for Blastball this summer.  The teams have been together for a few weeks now, but tonight was our first game.  It certainly lived up to it’s name.  Blake had a BLAST!  As far as I can tell, the only difference between blastball and t-ball is that in Blastball, when you land … Continue reading »

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