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Monthly Archives: September 2012

If you’re silly and you know it…

make a face.

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A really big box

Last weekend I put a huge box, some paint, crayons, markers and Blake in to the backyard at about 9 in the morning.  The neighbours gathered.  The kids played, painted, created, drew, and imagined for hours.  I pulled Blake in at 1:30 and tried to wash the paint off him and make him presentable before … Continue reading »

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You’ve heard of snow angels…

Last night at the playground Blake stripped down and started making sand angels. Later on there was a bath and the sand was everywhere.

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Blake ‘writes’!

PreK 4 had their first ‘writing’ prompt today.  They were asked to write about something that they really, really like.  Blake’s teacher modeled how kids in PreK 4 write.  Some scribble, some draw, some write letters and some write words.  Here is Blake’s work. He wrote, “I really, really like windy days because I can … Continue reading »

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Spirit Week – Animal Day

We began our spirit week with Founders Day.  I think I posted a photo of Blake in his old fashioned duds on a trike earlier this week.  Yesterday was neon day.  We don’t actually own any neon, so we just dressed Blake in the brightest t-shirt possible.  Today was dress as an animal day – … Continue reading »

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A Windy Sunday

The wind howled on Sunday.  Rob, Saskia, Shayna, Blake and I brought out the kites and played and played for hours! There were horsey rides. It was so fun!

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Friday Night Lights

Last Friday night our high school held Friday Night Lights.  We all went over.  There was pizza and treats and McDonalds for sale.  There were rugby, baseball and volleyball games.  Blake and his friend Bauer played in the sand pit for hours.  It was tons of fun.  And then the sun began to set.  No … Continue reading »

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Founders Day

On this day 100 years ago Shanghai American School opened it’s doors.  We’ve been celebrating for a year, and today was the finale.  We had a parade and special assembly. All of our students and teachers dressed up as they would have 100 years ago. I think it’s fair to say that the very cutest … Continue reading »

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Very Hungry Caterpillar – LOVE

I am in love with this picture Soon-ok posted on her blog. Pre K is an awesome place to be!

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A day at school

I peeked into Blake’s Chinese class today. While I was there, Yang Lao Shi (Teacher Yang) asked all the students Ni Hao Ma? (How are you?) and each child answered, Wo Hen Hao (I’m very good.)  So cute. Blake is the only blond head in the picture. That afternoon was our spirit assembly.  Our school has … Continue reading »

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