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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Christmas PJs

We are spending the holiday in our own home, which is FANTASTIC, but as we are not year round residents, we have no tv or internet.  I can take or leave television, but I am missing the internet a lot.  And so is this little blog of ours. Here is a Christmas day pic of … Continue reading »

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The Hardest Part…

We love our international life.  The people we meet, the places we go, the different cultures and experiences we are exposed to, the opportunities we have… all are FANTASTIC. But we say good-bye a lot.  We are part of a very transient group.  Some people come and only stay a little while before heading back … Continue reading »

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Magic & Back Floats

Our compound had a Christmas party on Sunday.  There was a magician.  He was a Chinese guy and looked kind of haggard.  He did old school magic like pulling bunnies out of hats and the never ending magic scarves bit.  Blake and the rest of the kids were captivated. Look how excited Blake is to … Continue reading »

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Some extra pictures

These photos have been sitting on my desktop for awhile and I want to get rid of them. Blake in his class with a candy cane.  Somebody that loves Blake lives in Vancouver!  Blake blowing bubbles in the pool. Blake’s writing.  His is on the bottom row, second from the left. An oldie, but a … Continue reading »

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Making Gingerbread Houses* in Pre K 4

  *Really they are milk cartons covered with graham crackers

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Swimming at School

I popped into Blake’s School PE swimming class today and took some quick pictures.  I’m really glad I did, because he’s all fevered up with an ear infection now and may or may not go back in the pool.  I hope he does.  There’s still a week and a half of swimming left. We love … Continue reading »

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