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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Rock Paper Scissors

It used to be that all our family decisions were made by eeny, meeny,miney,mo, but then Blake started school and a new process emerged. Rock, Paper, Scissors. His PE teachers introduced it and it is a great idea.  In theory.  Because in reality it takes Blake’s little hands and brain a pretty long time to … Continue reading »

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Cutie – Pie

During the Risky Business photo shoot.  I got a nice close up of a smiling boy. What an angel…

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Risky Business

Yesterday was class picture day and I wanted to get a nice shot of Blake in his dress shirt (a Christmas present from Grandma) and nice pants. I didn’t.  Instead I got this shot. Does it remind you of anyone? So maybe Tom Cruise doesn’t make chicken arms, but it’s close, right???

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Sick Kid!

I’m away, so naturally Blake decided to get sick, really pukey sick.  After 12 hours of throwing up he began to feel better, but Scott decided he needed to stay at home for the day and I totally agreed.  Blake, however, did not agree.  Not one bit.  He very much wanted to go to school … Continue reading »

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Scary Butterfly

Have a look at this painting. I wouldn’t want to meet that butterfly in a dark alley.

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Me and Karla!

I am in Hong Kong at Google App Boot Camp.  Everyday at lunch time I sneak down to my friend Karla’s apartment to chill with one of the nicest people I know, AND her beautiful daughter.  This afternoon during Boot Camp we needed to go outside and collect some photos.  My colleague and I wanted … Continue reading »

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Spirit Days

This morning I skyped with Batman and Robin.  They are awesome! Crazy thing – It’s super hero day at Hong Kong International School.  My friend Chris is Bacon Man. Here’s a photo Blake’s teacher took of the two greatest superheroes in the world!

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Spirit Week

Monday was PJ day. Blake chose his glow in the dark Solar System jammies. Today was sports day. Blake dressed in his Blue Soccer Shirt from the summer. I’m in Hong Kong for a conference, so Scott is in charge of the rest of spirit week. Tomorrow is Disney day.  I think Blake is going … Continue reading »

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Good Things Come in 3s

Blake has had three days of birthday goodness.  A Friday class party, followed by his actual Saturday birthday (he was born on a Saturday, so that’s neat) and we just finished up a Sunday Links party.  Two cakes and a boat load of presents, not to mention being surrounded by friends who love him dearly…. … Continue reading »

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Happy Birthday Kiddo

Dear Blake William, Right now you are five!! Right now you are loved so much, by so many. Right now you are just bursting with energy and love, so much energy. Right now you love, love, love building. You love lego, mechano, k’nex and more.  You love to follow the instructions. Right now you love doing … Continue reading »

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