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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Say Cheese

Yesterday Blake told me he thinks octagons are the coolest shape EVER.  So I guess he was pretty happy when he got to decorate this lady bug. Blake doesn’t look at the camera because he doesn’t like the flash, or so he tells me. I was called urgently to Blake’s classroom today.  I ran over, … Continue reading »

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We usually get to school nice and early and hang out in the library.  Sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes we are late, or sometimes Blake goes to the gym with Scott, but most of the time we are in the library.  That looks different every day, there are hamster cages to be cleaned, occasionally there are … Continue reading »

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Happy Birthday to……

my WONDERFUL Dad and Blake’s WONDERFUL Boppa.   This robot and robot dog art work is being sent across the sea and will not get there until sometime in March.  Happy Birthday Dad!!

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  A few months ago I saw a post on the St Marys Facebook page advertising a photography contest for the cover of their Recreation Guide.  I sent in a few and I heard earlier this week one of mine won.  Yay! I was super excited and really curious to see the cover.  It looks … Continue reading »

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We were walking home from our friends house this afternoon when another neighbour (a big high school kid) called Blake over.  He was setting off his rocket and wondered if Blake wanted to help.  Yes please! He was so excited he couldn’t stand still – instead he jumped up and down like a bunny rabbit. … Continue reading »

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A New Favourite

Lucky us!  We had a birthday party at Kerry Parkside indoor play ground today.  In the past Blake has devoted a lot of his play time there to the slides or the swinging rope, but today he worked hard to master the fire pole.  He was pretty darn proud of himself!

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A Day at the Science and Tech Museum

Blake is a huge fan of the Shanghai Science and Tech Museum.    So am I.  The children’s section is great and it’s full of things to see and do. My little builder loves this section.  12 kids are let inside the chain link fence for 10 minutes.  No parents allowed and the only rule … Continue reading »

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Hamster Update

All six hamsters were returned to their home in the SAS library.  Mom and four babies in one cage and dad in the other.  The family has shrunk in size since then.  Mom escaped – leaving four helpless babies to be hand fed hamster formula EVERY HOUR by our extremely dedicated librarian.  Dad was donated … Continue reading »

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Hamster Sitting

We are looking after the library hamsters for Chinese New Year.  I knew there would be poo and pee and mess, but we got even more than I bargained for. Four brand new babies.  They weren’t there yesterday, but today when Scott and Blake tried to put one in the ball they discovered four extras. … Continue reading »

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Happy Birthday Scotty!!

A lazy day, but a great day.  We stayed nice and close to home and just played together.  Blake and I made a banana cake with lemon icing.  I am feeling very proud right now because all three of us ate the cake and the icing.  That may be the first time that has ever … Continue reading »

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