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Monthly Archives: July 2013

on the river

first  there was a canoe ride then there was some time to feed the ducks and then there was ice cream you gotta love Stratford

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The Goonies!!!!

Saturday night the Rotary Club of St Marys showed The Goonies on an outdoor screen in the Flats. It was so cool! There were somewhere between 100 (Scott’s guess) and 200 (my guess) people there watching the show. The screen was inflatable, which I’ve never seen before.  The night was perfect, with a gorgeous sunset … Continue reading »

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Green Machines

Lots of blastball kids stayed home last night due to the intense heat. Not the Green Machines, they all came out to play. Addison and Parker are in the back row.  The front row is Blake, Harper and Carter, or possibly Carter is first and then Harper, I’m not really sure. It should be said … Continue reading »

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Hello Little Bear

We took our 4th annual trip to the farm today to visit Little Bear.  I looked back on the blog to see pictures from years past.  Blake has grown, Little Bear hasn’t.  He sure is cute though!  The pictures from 2010 aren’t there.  I put them into a slide show and they have vanished.  BUMMER! … Continue reading »

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Swim. swim, swim

It’s HOT in Southern Ontario.  3, 4, 5, 6 swims a day, easy.  The last swim of the day is usually in the evening when the pool is completely shaded.  Blake often likes to skinny dip for his last splash.  Or skinny dive, as he calls it.  Tonight’s swim was spectacular!  At his request, we … Continue reading »

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Heritage Festival

For the last three years, Blake and I have been the first people on the Appleland train at Heritage Festival.  The tradition continued this year and Erin and Scott joined us too. After we rode around on the train for a bit, we stopped in at our eye doctors and the kids had their faces … Continue reading »

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African Lion Safari

We wanted to see Peg one more time before we left and neither one of us wanted to drive 2 hours each way so we met in the middle at African Lion Safari.  It was camp day, so there were A LOT of kids there, but it didn’t feel too crowded.  Just a whole lot … Continue reading »

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We had a wonderful day with my dad and sister at African Lion Safari today.  I promise to write and post more about that soon, but for now, just a few photos of my favorite smile in the whole wide world.  

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A hail storm ripped through St Marys on what was otherwise a blistering hot day.  20 short minutes and the ground was covered with hailstones, some as big as golf balls.  We collected up two bins full.  One is in grandma’s freezer and one is in ours, because you just never know when you may … Continue reading »

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Yesterday, Blake, Erin, Scott and I went to the Blue Jay game.  They lost 6-0 in what was really a horrible ball game, but we had tons of fun. It was a Junior Jays Saturday so there were tons of great things set up for the kids outside the stadium. Three baseball themed bouncy castles!!! … Continue reading »

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