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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Chubby Part 1

Blake brought Chubby the bear home from school this weekend.  Our task is to take photos and record our adventures in a journal.  On Monday, Blake will share this journal with his classmates.  As a teacher I never understood the appeal of one of these toys.  Boy am I regretting that now.  Blake is so … Continue reading »

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Swimming, swimming, swimming

Blake’s confidence in the water is growing daily. We spend a lot fo time in the pool and he is swimming farther and faster everyday. Goggles made all the difference. Here are three very short videos showing his cool moves.

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Water Balloons

Thursday night Blake and I blew up 80 water balloons so Scott could play water balloons with Blake’s class on Friday. They had a blast and got absolutely soaked.  

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Air Quality

The temperatures have been and continue to be SCORCHING, but the good news is the air quality has been stellar. I checked it in Ontario the while we were home and it never got above 19, even on smog alert days.  But here in Shanghai we often get days above 200. Not recently though.  The … Continue reading »

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Zip Line

The new playground at SAS is almost finished.  Just the zip line to go.  There are cones all around it and it’s roped off, but surely that doesn’t apply to us!  We headed over after school one day and had a go.  The video quality is poor because it’s almost dark, but we sure had … Continue reading »

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Brand new year, brand new blog

Please visit Blake’s new class blog for some fun pictures from his day. Mrs Iqbal’s blog His lovely teacher took this of him and his classmates today.

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A Brand New Year

School begins officially tomorrow, but Blake is spending the day with us at work today.  There is no power at the Links today and Ling Ling’s son is in town from Australia, so it just made sense that she stay at home with her boy and we bring ours to work, where a generator will … Continue reading »

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Playing in the Playground

We came back to a brand new, almost finished playground designed by Scotty Hossack. Early in the morning, before the heat spiked, Blake had a nice play. The kids are going to LOVE it!!! a

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It’s hot in Shanghai.  Really, really, really hot. Indoor time & pool time are about all we can handle these days.

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