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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Thanksgiving @ SAS


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Feeling Thankful

This weekend is American Thanksgiving. I am feeling thankful for a lot of things. my sweet, loving Scott and Blake, the coolest kid ever my brilliant friends scattered here, there and everywhere a job that I love (most days) a day off on Friday my best big sister and dad that Christmas vacation and Canada … Continue reading »

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Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Actually he came last Saturday.  We went to the same Christmas Fair we’ve been to for 9 years and Blake had his picture take with Santa.  Unfortunately, I think Santa left his best photographer at the North Pole.  The back ground was pale green and yellow-y and the whole pic is kind of awful.  The … Continue reading »

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My monkey

First time doing the monkey bars on his own. Little superstar.

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Daddy’s Home

I went to collect Blake from the playground on Wednesday and I heard him inviting his friend to our house. Blake:  Bauer, can you come to my house?  I want to show you something cool. Me:  Are you going to show Bauer your new hot wheels track? Blake:  No, I’m going to show him my … Continue reading »

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Blake’s four favorite movies are Spy Kids 1, Spy Kids 2, Spy Kids 3 and Spy Kids 4.  Don’t ask him which one he likes best, becuase he likes them all equal. Today he spent some time honing his spy skills with a listening device.  He had a blast.  And so did half the kids … Continue reading »

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I love how writing is becoming ingrained in every part of Blake’s play. Today we played Candy Land three times.  Somewhere in the middle of the third game, things began to ‘slip’ away from the rules.  New short cuts were added courtesy of the softie blocks and lots of extra road blocks were created using … Continue reading »

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Writing Workshop

Scotty is away in Boston this week.  We miss him a lot but are super proud of him and excited to hear all about it when he gets back next week. I’m going to try to post something every day while he is gone.  We’ll see. For today, here is a video I took of … Continue reading »

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Boys Club

There’s a ninth grader at the Links who was looking to make some extra money.  He started a Boys Club on Sundays for an hour and a half. He wondered if Blake would like to join. Heck yes! Blake was up at 6 this morning, got dressed and ready by himself, and then the poor … Continue reading »

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Student Led Goal Setting Conference

Today was Blake’s student led goal setting conference.  May he always have the love and excitement and joy of learning that he shared with us today. I LOVE being Blake’s mom. Truly, my heart is bursting. Blake and Maliha.  Two wonderful souls who love each other very much. Blake wanted to share his tower, his … Continue reading »

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