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Monthly Archives: March 2014

only one more day in NZ – waaaah

Playground #368 of this trip had some very cool elements. And it nicely matched Blake’s colour scheme. The fountain at Mission Bay.We’ll always find time for mini golf.  Blake walked up to the first hole – got it in one.  Second hole – another hole in one.  Is there a pro minigolf circuit?  Sign this … Continue reading »

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Fishing with Ter & North Head

We began the afternoon with a ramble around North Head.  You probably know that Auckland is built on or around about 50 volcanic cones.  We climbed up one of the Devonport volcanoes today.  North Head is at the mouth of the Harbour as you enter in and was heavily fortified during the world wars should … Continue reading »

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Another Day in Paradise

Beautiful Long Bay Beach.With a delicious picnic. The ducks were very interested in Blake’s sandwich too. Another round of mini golf.Playing at Wendy’s school playground. This neat ramp thing is a toy car run and Blake is trying to beat the cars to the bottom.  Very, very cool.

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A perennial fave – mini golf

Blake’s favorite game, hands down, is mini-golf.  He loves it!!!!  It was the one thing on this vacation that Blake wanted to do, so we found a course near by and hit it. Look at this concentration.For anyone who wonders where Blake got the tongue sticky out thing – look no further.  

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hot chocolate & ice pops

Of course we’ve all been enjoying the lovely, fresh, homegrown New Zealand fruits and veggies, but every chance he gets, Blake enjoys a nice hot chocolate or an icy popsicle. Yum!

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A Day @ Murawai with the Mataios

We had a wonderful 4th day in NZ!! We spent the morning on an east coast beach and the afternoon on a west coast beach.  Only in New Zealand! I did bring my camera on our morning excursion, but I didn’t bring my camera battery.  Too bad because we did cool things like cliff climbing … Continue reading »

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More Zoo Pics

Orangutan arms Meerkat tunnels. Gibbon climbing course. Next to the elephants. In the bird sanctuary.Hanging around.

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A Day at the Auckland Zoo

We were here 4 and a half years ago with this little cutie. And we were back today with this big cutie.Actually he was a bit grumpy when this photo was taken.  The zoo took a photo of us in front of a green screen and offered us a set of photos with various zoo … Continue reading »

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Day One and Two in New Zealand

It’s good to be back in NZ!!!!! Rothesay Bay Beach and Takapuna Beach + a lovely tre to climb.  LOVE IT!!!

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We Louve Yo Too

A day on the beach at Rothesay Bay = one dirty and extremely happy young boy. He wrote some love notes for us on the beach.

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