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Monthly Archives: May 2014


I was walking home from school yesterday in a bit of a funk when this popped up in the window. That smile will always turn my frowns upside down.

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Tri, Tri, Tri!!

Today was the actual Iron Eagle Triathlon.  I was not expecting so many people!!  There were tons of SAS kids and lots of kids from other schools as well, which was a surprise for me.  Earlier in the day the air quality was horrendous!  We were very concerned we might have to cancel the tri!  It wasn’t … Continue reading »

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Water Party in KMI

There were squirters (we’re not calling them guns,) bubbles, popsicles, mud and lots and lots of water at the KMI water party today.  So fun!! 

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These arrived in my inbox this afternoon..

Thank you Ms Iqbal.

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Today was the practice for the Iron Eagle Triathlon.  Blake got his gear ready to go. Swim The pool was not available for swimming today so the organizers substituted a slip and slide for a length of the pool.  It was not sunny, nor was it all that warm.  The competitors did not seem to … Continue reading »

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A Trip to the Bio Farm

Today Blake’s class went to the Bio Farm, an organic farm not too far from school.  I got to go too!  It was a fabulous day. This is my favorite picture from today. Big smiles from Blake, Maliha and Violet. Blake and I got on the bus and chatted the whole way to the farm … Continue reading »

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2 messages from teachers

Two of Blake’s teachers emailed me with photos today.  Spelling and Art.  How fun is that?!!!

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It wasn’t that long ago that Blake couldn’t even stand on the top of these blocks because he was so frightened.  What a difference a year makes.

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Digital Photography

On Mondays I teach an After School Activity about Digital Photography.  I have a group of 8 grade 4 and 5 students and one kindergartener. I have a fantastic group of kids who take beautiful pictures. Today was GORGEOUS outside so we took our cameras for a little nature walk.

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100 m dash

  We went to the SAS Super Saturday track meet today.  In the past they’ve run a 100m race for the little ones as part of the event.  Blake’s run it twice before.  Today they began with grade 3s.  We told him that there was no race for his age group, but he could run … Continue reading »

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