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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Percussion Island

Look what I just found on my camera! At the end of the summer Dad, Scott and I took the kids, Blake and Erin, to Stratford to visit Tom Percussion Island – know as Tom Patterson Island for the rest of the year. The kids had a blast. Although you wouldn’t know it by Blake’s … Continue reading »

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International Day of Peace

Today Blake’s class celebrated the international day of Peace. They sang, they read books they talked about peace. It was nice.

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Blake and I sit down before dinner each night to do his homework.¬†And I thought, being a teacher, I’d be pretty good at helping him till at least the last couple of years of high school.   I was wrong. Kid, you’re on your own.See the first character on the 4th line. It’s a six. … Continue reading »

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Just back from the pool and time for a little chalk drawing.I want to improve as a photographer and I know that I have to actually take photos and lately I haven’t been. So… new goal, camera out every day. ¬†Maybe you’ll see some of those pics here.    

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Back to School Art

Tonight is our open night and the classrooms are shiny and clean and the halls are sparkling full of brand new student work. Here is some of Blake’s… I think this one says be safe, do not bite, do not kick and lastly, do not shout. This one is so interesting to me.Kind of Edvard … Continue reading »

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