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Posted by on November 15, 2013

I love how writing is becoming ingrained in every part of Blake’s play.

Today we played Candy Land three times.  Somewhere in the middle of the third game, things began to ‘slip’ away from the rules.  New short cuts were added courtesy of the softie blocks and lots of extra road blocks were created using post its..

I wish I’d taken a picture of the game board, because at the end it was so covered in post-its it was nearly unrecognizable.  This one says, or will say, “Stop.  Make Chocolate.  Go.”

IMG_0164Blake has begun to make his December to do list.  We have to squeeze every bit of goodness out of our short Canadian visit.

IMG_0162Hey Grandma, do you see that apple pie is still on the list???  There’s also making cookies, making gingerbread men and gingerbread houses.  I think you are going to be busy!  And can I add cranberry muffins to your baking list?  Thanks.  Four weeks today we will be heading home!!



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One Response to Literacy

  1. pat hossack

    I am getting excited too. You’re on for the gingerbread house Amy… maybe I can buy a kit that I might handle but we will do our best with everything else.
    Tell Blake our snow is all gone. More will come before you arrive, I hope. We went to the Santa Claus parade tonight; Erin came down with Quaid and he was very well behaved. Earlier today we went on a mystery tour with Fay & Ken. One of our stops was the New Hamburg Thrift Centre. It is very well organized clean and huge. We saw a black metal bunk bed, double bed on the bottom which lifted into a seat and single on the top. Don’t know what one would do for a mattress. It was quite large and heavy looking and would have to be taken apart to get it upstairs and to transport. Just a thought!
    p.s. Good News about Grandpa’s CT scan… I think!

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