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Phuket – A Day in the Trees

Posted by on May 29, 2017

Here are a ton of photos from an incredible day in the trees with my two favourite people.

This was Blake’s first time on the ‘real’ course. He no longer needs to go on the junior course if he doesn’t want to. We did have a play in the junior nets before we left, though.

Grit, courage and determination were on display all day. Also, sweat, mosquitos and, at times, exhaustion, but it was all worth it.

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One Response to Phuket – A Day in the Trees

  1. Pat Hossack

    These pictures scare me. Is this a safe course i.e. well constructed. Don’t know if I could bear to watch. Takes lots of muscles & strength to do that. Grandma’ s proud of you Blake; you are brave to try such hard courses. See you soon.
    Kath. & I were discussing the new playground equipment they are putting in at Cadzow. No teeter totters, big swings or merry- go- rounds… all the fun (and dangerous, I guess) things are gone. Sad in some ways.
    Hugs G’ma

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