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Mr Anderson

Posted by on September 17, 2017

Oh boy we lucked out this year. Mr Anderson is a wonderful man and we feel so fortunate that Blake is in his class.

I recently read an awesome article in the New York Times about raising your son to be a feminist. It was full of great advice, but one line that has stuck with me in particular. It was a quote from Tony Porter, an author, educator and activist, who is co-founder of A Call To Men. It said, “Put good men in the space of your son.” Simple really, but oh so powerful.

Blake is and has always been surrounded by good men. Scott, Larry, Brett, Bill, Simon Power, Richard Green, Terry Taylor, Dan Forbes, Kevin David, Steve Carozza, Eric Nicolai, Jeff Fessler, Caleb Lott… just to name a few, a tiny fraction of the very good men that weave in and out of our lives.

This year James has been added to that list and for that we are thankful beyond belief.

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