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Learning 2

Posted by on November 3, 2017

On Thursday night we slept over at Alicia and Bella’s house because Friday was a BIG day.

This weekend our campus hosted a tech conference called Learning 2. Around 300 teachers from around Asia came to our school. On Friday they had student led workshops. Blake and his friends presented their learning about FLL jr. Here is Blake’s conference badge.
These are all the student workshop leaders. These six kiddos are from Grade 4 at our campus. 3 for FLL jr, 3 for ipad animation – an ASA I offered this year.At the start of the session, the FLL kids talked all about the program and shared their experiences. The second half was very hands on and Blake, Zoe & Jennifer walked around and helped the adults as they built and programmed LEGO robots.Here are Jen, Zoe and Blake with their friend Bella who put us up for the night.A tiring and great day!!

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2 Responses to Learning 2

  1. Pat Hossack

    Bravo to Jen,Zoe, and Blake. What a fabulous learning experience for all… especially the teachers if you ask me!
    Kids know so much; we just have to listen, learn,and give it a try– most of the time anyway.

  2. Hollyce

    What an incredible experience for everyone! I love that it was the students teaching the adults what a great leadership opportunity for them!

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