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Project 365

The idea is that you take a photo everyday and post a photo every day.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a few years now.

It’s Jan 13 not Jan 1st.  I like starting at the beginning of things, so I am very bummed I didn’t start on Jan 1, but I didn’t, and I am going to try not to let that get to me.

Here goes….

three stooges

Jan 20 – Blake’s second birthday cake.  I hope all his wishes come true.

captain a

Jan – 19  Blake opens his new Captain America mask.


Jan 18 – My favorite photo of the day is not of Blake.  Shocker!  It’s of Blake’s b-day party.  Here, JoJo and Declan show us that the icing made their tongues blue!


Jan 17 – Scott cooks with Blake’s class and Blake enjoys some honey.  Mmmmmm.

5 days into the 365 challenge, though I am thinking of it as the 350 day challenge because of my late start, I am starting to waiver.  How does this make me a better photographer if  I’m taking the same old pictures?  There is definite overlap with the rest of the blog, is that okay?  Is this worthwhile?  I can’t answer those questions right now, but I will keep going and we shall see.

jan 16

Jan 16.  I was walking through the library on my way to take some pictures in art and I spotted my sweetest boy reading a book about how to draw cartoons (he is so into drawing these days!!) in the loft.  He was so engrossed in his book he didn’t even see me snap this pic.  Proud mama moment.

 kong fu 1

January 15 – This pic of Blake’s first kung fu class is also on my main blog.  There will be overlap, no doubt about it, but my plan is to put one photo here every day no matter what.  I chose this particular photo from a slew of others, because look at that face!  The white background makes it all so blah.


January 14 – Dinner most nights involves some sort of card game.  Fish, war, and snap are our favorites.  Hot chocolate and a game of go fish is a pretty nice way to spend an evening.  Nice moustache homie.

blake 1

January 13 – A cold and rainy Sunday meant a long play in the mat room.  Bauer played Hulk and Blake played Ironman and together they chased bad guys, rescued cats and climbed, jumped and ran all over the place.  Shooting indoors is hard for me, Blake’s face was way too dark so I lightened the whole pic in iphoto effects.

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